Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First Impressions of Benefit's They're Real! Mascara

So thanks to Sephora's free birthday gift, I recently got to try out Benefit's super popular They're Real! Mascara.

I've heard so many rave reviews about this mascara, but because I thought the $23 price tag was a little steep, plus my hesitancy to try Benefit products (just because I've never tried any before), I just avoided it.

When it comes to higher end mascaras, I find it so hard to justify using them. It's something that I go through super fast, like usually it takes a month or so for me to finish one, and I can't justify spending that much money on something that dries out so fast or gets used up so quickly.

But I love free samples, so I'm excited to tell you guys my thoughts on my first couple uses of this mascara.

On Sephora's website, it says: "A jet-black mascara that lengths, curls, volumizes, lifts, and separtates for a spectacular 'out to here' look."

Basically, it's supposed to be long wearing, black, and very dramatic.

So what do I think about They're Real!?

I really like it! It definitely defines and separates my lashes big time. And at first I kind of scoffed at the dramatic look it claims to have. But after building t up, it was a clean dramatic look. You know how many bold drama mascaras are super gloopy, clumpy, and messy? This isn't.

It doesn't smudge, flake, or budge at all during the day. It's even kind of difficult to take off for a non-waterproof mascara. Which isn't a positive, but you know.

So would I purchase this mascara once this insanely small sample size runs out?

Ugh, that's so tough. If I had an extra $23 laying around, then yes. I loved the way it makes my lashes look. I'm all about volume and length, and this definitely provided it. It's an easy mascara to use. But the price is so hard to overcome.

Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts? When it comes to high end products, what are ones that you will buy and others you don't think are worth splurging?

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