Dorms & Decorating

Click on the links below to see posts all about decorating bedrooms, apartments, and college dorm rooms!

Spring Updates to My Room at Home:

Spring Cleaning: Everyday Makeup

Spring Cleaning: Nail Polish Collection

My Senior Year Apartment

Adding Wall Art to My Bedrooms

Final Apartment Mood Board

Buying Chevron Bedding

Using Chevron in Your Dorm Room

My Apartment To Do List

My Black and Red Summer Dorm Rooms

Senior Year Apartment Mood Boards

How to Decorate a Dorm from Year to Year

Spring Semester Sorority Room Updates

My Junior Year Room: Sorority House Addition!

How to Decorate Your Dorm Desk

Dorm Room Do's and Don'ts

Decorating Advice When it Comes to College Roommates

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