Friday, May 31, 2013

First Impressions of Suave Moroccan Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi everyone!

If there’s one thing I can say with all certainty, is that I’m a complete sucker for new hair products. I always have been (one of my earliest memories is that of me telling my grandma that I got all A’s on my report card in like second grade, and to reward me, she offered to buy me anything in Walgreens-I love Walgreens. So I bought a Rusk Shampoo, my first salon shampoo).

So recently I picked up Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion shampoo and conditioner at Walgreens (I really do love Walgreens). I’d been eyeing this for awhile mostly because it says it has Moroccan argan oil in it. Now, if you should know one thing about me, it’s that the original Moroccanoil (the light blue bottle that costs like $40 a pop), is my holy grail hair product. I love the smell of it (if there were a perfume, I would be all over it), and pretty much it’s the only product that allows me not to have to wash my hair and then sleep on it to make it less poofy. The one product. I cherish this stuff.

So it’s kinda understandable that I’m going to compare this shampoo and conditioner to Moroccanoil, especially since they state right on the packaging that this is comparable to the shine it gives.

Since this is a first impressions post, this is based off of one use. As with most hair products, I think you really start to see how good it is after the first few uses, when your hair is new to the product. I’ll let you know of my long-term thoughts, but right now this is based off the first use.

First off, the scent. Is it like my holy grail product? Not really sadly. While the original Moroccanoil smells heavenlylike vanilla and musk, this is just most musk. I don’t find it super offending, but I wouldn’t wear it as a perfume. It’s a lot like a cheap cologne. Not entirely bad, but if you dislike it, you probably won’t be able to stand it. It’s pretty strong, something that I sorta like, because it did linger in my hair. It filled my bathroom with its scent, which I personally enjoyed.

Speaking of using it, the shampoo suds up extremely well. Like, I used way too much and had an explosion of suds on my head. So if you really like a nice, big lather, you will like this shampoo.

The conditioner isn’t as heavy as I’d thought it could be, but just to be safe I only put it from the ears down to avoid excess oil on my roots.

When it came to styling, I purposely avoided all additional products except for my Not Your Mother’s Knotty to Nice Detangling spray. I used a hair dryer on my hair and instantly noticed that it seemed softer and shinier than it does with my S Factor Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner (which, I’d like to add, are over $45 more expensive).

The next morning after washing my hair, I noticed the biggest difference. My hair was smooth, glossy, frizz free, and straight. So instead of curling my hair, I just took my flat iron and straightened it out a bit. And basically had a great hair day. I did have a little static in my hair, but it’s probably because of lack of humidity (less than 10%) and the wind.

And as of day 2, my hair is definitely not too oily.

So I’m pretty impressed. Especially for the price. I’ll let you know if my opinions change at all, but this might become my favorite shampoo and conditioner.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review of L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

Hey guys!

Mascara is without a doubt my favorite makeup to buy and use. It’s also one of the ones I’m the most picky about. I don’t know if it’s just me, but finding the perfect mascara is virtually impossible. If it’s not the formula that’s a little off, then it’s the wand. Or the packaging. Or the price. Or everything.

So in my search for the holy grail mascara from the drugstore, I decided to give the cult favorite, L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black a try. I’ve read from many blogs and magazines that this mascara is essentially magic in a tube.

On a trip to Target recently, my mom and I decided to try a couple and see what we think. She got the waterproof and I got the non-waterproof (I do not have the patience to take off waterproof mascara).

The results? Here's the before...

And the after!


I was pretty impressed honestly. I’ve been eyeing this mascara for a while now, but the reviews online always sorta scared me. People talked about raccoon eyes, smudging, goopies, and just pretty much stuff that makes nightmares when it comes to mascara. There’s nothing that I hate more than clumpy, messy mascaras, let me tell you.

This was nothing like that. It didn’t clump, went on easily, built up fast, and was pretty much great from the get go. It defines my lashes beautifully, makes them long, and like the title says, they are super black and definitely voluminous.

However, I do have a tiny complaint

First, it does sorta smudge. More than the other mascaras I currently love (Clump Crusher, Cat Eyes, Telescopic Shocking Extensions). If you have itchy, allergy eyes that water, don’t wear non-waterproof, because your mascara will be a black runny mess. Let me tell you.

It comes off pretty easily, but the next morning I still find some smudges below my eyes.

So final thoughts? I like it a lot. What makes me the most happy about this mascara is how fast and easily it builds up. It seems like I could spend 10 minutes with Clump Crusher or Telescopic Shocking Extensions building them up. This mascara definitely doesn't take that long to build up to where I like it. I think I'll definitely repurchase!

(If you like mascara reviews, make sure to check out my comparison between The Rocket and Clump Crusher, as well as the Telescopic Shocking Extensions!) See this compared to the new L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess! Love drugstore mascaras that add volume? Also look at my review of the Jordana Best Lash Volume Extreme mascara!

Monday, May 27, 2013

May Lusts

Hi guys!

I can’t believe how fast May is going! I’ve already finished my first week of summer school (only six more!). Isn’t that exciting? Anyway, between studying and writing papers for my classes, I’ve been lusting over some really fun things this month. With summer coming and me wishing my hair would grow magically overnight, there are a ton of hair products listed, in case you were wondering! Anyway, let’s take a look!
Forever 21 Mint Paddle Brush
Okay guys, isn't this the cutest brush ever?! I think so! Previously I thought my polka dot one from Ulta was the cutest, but this one now is officially the cutest. It also comes in coral and black (also both super cute as well) and for less than $4. I'm pretty sure I might buy the coral and mint ones because I can't choose between them! Plus, my brush at home loses at least two bristles a day, so I think a new one is justified, right?
Forever 21 Makeup Bag
Speaking of cute cheap things from Forever 21, every single one of their makeup bags wants to come home to me. This one with the hearts and the mint green (I'm really loving mint green, huh?) is calling me, along with about five others! And who can say no to bags that are so inexpensive and so cute?
Not Your Mother's Miss Freeze Hairspray
So I have been really wanting to try a new hairspray (hopefully something inexpensive) and this one has been calling me. Unfortunately I already purchased the She's a Tease hairspray from the same brand (I'll let you know my thoughts), but if that one doesn't work out I definitely have my eyes on this one.
Bath and Body Works Market Peach Candle
When the Market Peach and other fruity scents came out like two months ago, I wasn't really on the whole fruity bandwagon. I mean, when I think of spring smells, I think of blooms and lilacs and more florals, not fruit. But now that it's getting really hot and transitioning into summer, I definitely am loving the fruity smells, particularly Market Peach! It is pretty much my favorite scent right now from Bath and Body Works and I would love to get my hands on the 3 wick candle! I have the Wallflower in my room up at school and it smells so fun and sweet!
Bath and Body Works Summer Boardwalk Candle
Okay, so if you haven't smelled this yet, you totally need to! I first smelled it without reading the description, so I was shocked when I realized it was caramel corn! I was expecting some weird beach scent or something. But no, this sweet amazing fall-like scent is awaiting! I love love love it! I'm a fall person at heart, give my Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin Cupcake anyday and I'll be a happy girl. But this candle is one that can definitely help me hold out for fall!
Not Your Mother's Way to Grow Shampoo and Conditioner
Reading the reviews of this online, they say it smells amazing and sweet. Which of course calls me! Plus it promises to help make your healthy, eventually helping it to become long and strong. Ummm....all those things sound amazing! Unfortunately, every time I attempt to buy this in Ulta they are sold out! Cue my sad face. Anyway, I'm still holding out and would love to try this stuff out!
Not Your Mother's Lock Luster Oil Treatment
Continuing with the hair trend, I am super curious to try out this oil treatment by NYM! First of all, it's like $6. A product with macadamia oil and argon oil for under $10? Sign me up for that! Basically it's supposed to help condition hair and make it moisturized and healthy and happy.
Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Shower Cream
So for some odd reason my hands have been ridiculously dry recently. I can't explain why. And my regular lotion was not cutting the mustard, so I went to an old tried and true favorite: my Shea Cashmere hand lotion. As I was using this, making my hands feel super moisturized without being oily, I fell back in love with the scent and basically everything about it. So now I would love to get my hands on the shower cream so my itchy, irritated summer skin can feel smooth and nice! Plus smell amazing!
Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Multi-Way Bra
A few weeks ago I went to buy a new everyday bra. One of the associates recommended this one and I fell in love! I have since bought two, but the hoarder in me would love another one (or two?). Basically, these are the best bras I have ever worn. It's super comfortable, it provides support, lifts, and is just a gorgeous bra in general. I'm in love!
American Made Chevron Bedding
I recently found this on Pinterest and fell in love with this beautiful bedding! I've always loved the color combination of yellow and gray because it's so clean and fresh and modern. This set is calling me like crazy! So if you want to help me out, let me know if you prefer this one over my other choices for next year's apartment? I'd seriously love you forrrever!!
So that's my lusts for May! What things do you have your eyes on?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Everyday Makeup Bag

Hey guys!

It’s been awhile since I showed what makeup I wear every day, so I thought that it would be fun to take a look at it. I think the organization of your everyday makeup is one of the most important things you can do. Because I separate it from the rest of my makeup, I spend less time rifling around things I'm not going to use.
We'll start with just an overview of how I store it. Since I'm going to summer school, it's currently working best for me to leave my makeup on top of my printer on my desk. I keep my most used makeup brushes in a little candle holder I bought on a recent trip to Ikea (isn't it cute?). I keep my makeup in a medium size Vera Bradley makeup bag (this one in is Deco Daisy, which matches my room's color scheme). And I keep a couple of products beside it because they don't fit in my bag.
Let's move on to the overview of my makeup:

Left to Right: L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black, NARS Eyeshadow Primer, MAC Paint Pot, Maybelline Great Lash, Maybelline Define a Brow, MAC Technakohl Eyeliner, Tarte Eyelash Curler, MAC Studio Fix powder, MAC Warm Soul, Urban Decay De Slick, Urban Decay Naked Basics, Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes, L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions, Covergirl Clump Crusher

L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara
My newest mascara obsession, this has the been the mascara I've worn solely of late. I really like how black it is, as well as how easily it applies. It definitely is worth the hype, and I'm totally loving so far!
NARS Eyeshadow Primer
I've been using this for the past six months and really don't have any complaints. I think in combination with my beloved MAC paint pot in Painterly, it helps my shadows stay on all day, true to color. When I run out of this, I'm tempted to try a different brand just to experiment.
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
I love love love this eyeshadow base. It helps my shadows stay on and creates a neutral, even base for them. I seriously have no clue what I would do without this base. I've had it over a year now, but I'm pretty sure that here soon this summer I'm gonna have to purchase a new one since this one is used every single day. I can't say enough great things about this product.
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara
I love this clear mascara for my eyebrows. It locks them into place all day, without adding any unnatural color. Plus it's super cheap!
Maybelline Define a Brow Pencil
My Revlon Brow Fantasy (one I've been using since last July), finally was retired, so I picked up this little brow pencil this month. So far so good, although I don't think the staying power is that of the Revlon pencil in the Brow Fantasy. What I do like though, is the fact this combs with a tiny comb attached at the end, and is super thin and tiny, making it really hard to over do your brows.
MAC Technakohl Eyeliner in Graphblack
This is my holy grail eyeliner. I can't say enough amazing things about it, besides that I love it and I plan to repurchase over and over and over. It's a dark black, that stays all day long. It doesn't need sharpening and it maintains it's dark richness all day long!
Tarte Eyelash Curler
My current curler, this guy is working really well for me. Plus it's cute, which always helps. Curling my lashes always opens up my eyes and helps make my lashes as dramatic as possible.
MAC Studio Fix Powder
This is a new product that I bought earlier this month. I love it! I wanted to up my coverage (this is a medium to full coverage powder foundation), without having to go the liquid route because my skin is obnoxiously oily during the warmer months. This has fit the bill. I'm sure I'll be gushing about this during my May favorites.
MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul
I also picked this up when I bought my Studio Fix powder. It's literally the perfect summer glow. It has fantastic staying power, provides a really nice natural glow, and is pretty pigmented. (If you want a drugstore dupe, the Milani baked blush in Luminoso is super similar and is about $15 cheaper)
Urban Decay De Slick Makeup Setting Spray
Gosh, I love this spray so much! It has replaced all my primers and has made my experience with the Studio Fix powder amazing! So many reviews online talk about that powder being too cakey and unnatural. Well, with this setting spray, it comes out amazing and oil free every single time! This is quickly becoming a holy grail type product for me. It has made me not hate hot or humid days (as much...). This is just the travel size.
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
I'm pretty sure I've worn this palette every single day but one this month. Seriously, it's my new obsession with eyeshadow. I love how this produces a natural, pretty eye all in one little palette. I definitely say this is a must have of mine. Lately, I've been wearing Venus all over my lid, Naked 2 in my crease and blended upward, Faint defining the outer part of my crease, and Foxy as a brow highlight. Basically though, I've used the five lighter colors so much this month!
Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara
As you can tell, I love mascara. When I curl my lashes and they decided they don't want to cooperate and want to run amok all over the place, this is the mascara I turn to. It's the least particular out of all my mascaras and turn any lashes into dramatic, pretty ones. I love the wand on this guy. It's the wettest formula in my opinion of all the mascaras posted. I've repurchased this before and I definitely will in the future.
L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions
My favorite lengthening mascara, this defines my lashes beautifully with it's tiny little brush. This is a mascara I have to definitely not overpower. I think it's best applied slowly and lightly, building patiently. If you try to overpower it, it will just resist because the brush is so flexible.
Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara
My second favorite mascara at the moment (the Voluminous Carbon Black is currently dominating), this mascara does it all. My only complaint: it seems too dry at times.
So there you have it! Those are the products that I use on a daily basis! What are your go to favorites for everyday? Do you do a full face? Just mascara?


Friday, May 17, 2013

Urban Decay De-Slick First Impression

Hi guys!

If you remember a post last month about a tiny Ulta haul, you saw that I picked up the Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray on a whim as I was standing in the check out. That day my oily skin was going crazy (lots of humidity) and I wanted to try anything that promised to fix it.

Admittedly, it wasn’t until about a week or two ago that I opened it up and started using it. But I thought with the weather getting warmer, and oily skin out there getting worse and worse, it would be interesting to write some of my first impressions down.
From Sephora:
"Oily skin has met it's match! De-Slick mists on weightlessly to control oil, deflect surface shine, and keep skin looking beautifully matte. High-tech ingredients help keep foundation, shadow, and blush from smudging, sliding, or fading-so you hardly ever need to touch up...It actually lowers temperature of your makeup and helps it stay put and keep skin looking smooth, but never shiny."
At first you might be asking yourself what the heck they are talking about. I mean, when I first heard of this stuff about a year ago, I decided it must be glorified water that people are paying $30 for (or in my case since I bought the travel size, $14).
But lots of people swear by this, both for oil control and for makeup setting, so I figured desperate times call for desperate measures.
First off, let me just say that I'm SO happy they changed their packaging. I don't know about you, but if something is in ugly packaging, I'm not really tempted to purchase it. And the old bottle wasn't very appealing to me. But the new one looks sleek, clean, and a lot less...crazy.
So how this spray works is basically you shake it up well, then spray it over your skin in the pattern of an X and T. You can spray your skin anywhere between 2 and 4 times.
If you are wondering how I use it, here's the breakdown:
-Before I put on any makeup, I spray all over like they describe, the X and T pattern.
-I wait 1-3ish minutes until it dries.
-Then I put on my face makeup on (usually I just wear powder). Sometimes I put primer on afterward, but I prefer it actually without primer. If you use a liquid foundation/BB cream/tinted moisturizer and also wear powder, spray after powder.
-Then I apply my blush, although I've put the blush on after my second application. I'm not sure which I prefer, but the bottle says to apply the blush first.
-I spray all over again in the X and T pattern.
-Then I do my eye makeup!
So it's not super hard and doesn't make my makeup application take too much longer thankfully!
After about two weeks of wear, what do I think?
I love it!
It works with my powder fantastically! It makes it stay on forever, shine free, less oily feeling, and while making it look significantly less caked on. It's so natural and nice looking!
Plus it's great for summer because you know how it claims to reduce the surface temperature of your skin? Yep, it does that. It feels so nice!
And I used to get only about 4 hours out of my powder. Now? I get easily 6 hours if not more! During 70-80 degree weather! Plus rain!
It's completely eliminated the need for primers for me also, which is a bonus!
I tried the MAC Fix Plus for a day, and that made me so oily in comparison. So seriously, try out Urban Decay's De-Slick. And my tip for great application: make sure to use it before you apply your foundation! That's the key!
Seriously guys, this might just be my summer holy grail product!
What are your warm weather must-haves? Do you think setting sprays like De-Slick, All Nighter, and MAC Fix Plus work? Or are they just overpriced water?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

All Packed Up

I moved out of my room at school this week. It’s always weird to move out and close the door on another year. That makes me officially a senior in college! I sound so old! I’ll be 22 in a few months too, which only makes me sound older!

But I don’t have my hopes all up for summer, because in about a week I’ll be moving back up to a dorm room to start summer school. Ugh not looking forward to that.

Anyway, goodbye room! You were the home to a lot of ups and downs, and many memories!

Friday, May 10, 2013

First Impressions of Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Primer

Hey everyone!

A while back I went to Sephora to buy some blush. While I was there, I picked up three sample primers to try out as well. The one I'm reviewing today is the Becca Ever Mette Poreless Priming Perfector.

I reviewed the Cover FX primer a few weeks ago, so I thought it was time to finally review this one as I’m wrapping up with the little sample (by the way, those tiny little samples last forever when it comes to primer!).
According to Sephora:
"A silicone-free primer that perfects the face, minimizing pores and mattifying even the most oily skin for up to eight hours."
"Control(s) excess oil while minimizing the appearance of pores. The instant mattifying effect completely eliminates shine! This lightweight formula also creates a smooth matte surface for long-lasting foundation. Along with being sweat and humidity resistant, this product is free of silicon alcohol, and fragrance."
So that promises a lot to being that have been having enormous difficulties with their oily skin, like me. I mean, if something promises to reduce the oil on my face, sign me up for that!
When the makeup artist at Sephora first showed me this sample, I wasn't sure what to think. First of all, it has a tannish, skin color look to it. I've seen white, green, clear, and even coral colored primers, but not a skin color. I was a little concerned (just a note for the future, it doesn't transfer any color on to your skin). She also warned me against using too much, because it could make me more oily (I think that's what she said about this one, but I think that's just a good rule of thumb in all products).
So after using this for about the last two weeks, here are some obervations:
The Good:
-When putting this on your face, it instantly has a cooling, nice clean feel to the skin.
-Didn't make my skin any more oily than it was before.
-My makeup stayed about 1-2 hours longer with powder, almost all day with Revlon's BB Cream.
-Since it's free of silicon, it doesn't have that weird silicon texture.
-Had an instant matte feel and look to makeup.
-Didn't break me out.
-Controlled my oil for the most part.
The Not So Good:
-Odd texture. It was really hard to blend. Now after reading Sephora's site, you are supposed to warm it up in your hands before use. So maybe that would explain it? But it was just really more of a hard butter texture than that of most primers I'm used to.
-Didn't rid me of oil 100%. I don't think anything would though. But it made it managable.
So that pretty much sums it up, but there is one last really important question: would I purchase this in full size? Yes. I would without a doubt, and despite the $36 price tag (why is primer more than foundation?!). The packaging is sleek, the product worked well, and I'd say even if it only reduces 10% of the oil on my face, it's worth it.
And in case you are wondering, would I buy this instead of the Cover FX primer? Most definitely!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Senior Year Mood Boards

Hi everyone!

So I’m still completely stuck as far as what bedding to get for next year, but to visualize it a tad bit more, I whipped together some mood boards super fast. And I’m still completely confused.

Let me know which one you like better!

The first one is centered around the Walmart comforter with daisies, zinnias, and poppies. The main colors are going to be yellow, gray, black, and white. I'll incorporate chevron and dots into the room, as a well as a black monogram wall decal. 

The second option has chevron as a bigger focus with the chevron duvet cover from Urban Outfitters. In this option, red, black, and white are the main colors. I'll have red sheets from Target, use my Vera Bradley Deco Daisy pillows, and incorporate dots as well. 

The second option has chevron as a bigger focus with the chevron duvet cover from Urban Outfitters. In this option, red, black, and white are the main colors. I'll have red sheets from Target, use my Vera Bradley Deco Daisy pillows, and incorporate dots as well. 

Wanna see a couple of other bedding contenders? Take a look here and now see how utterly confused I am! Also, take a look at a little to-do list I made about all the things I want to incorporate in this room!


Let me know which one you prefer! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

April Favorites

Hi guys!

It’s that time again for my monthly favorites! I can’t believe that it’s May! April absolutely flew by! I only have finals week left in this semester, which is crazy! Unfortunately I’ll be taking summer classes, so I don’t have that awesome feeling of accomplishment after wrapping up my classes, but oh well. 

Anyway, here are my favorites!

1. Tarte Eyelash Curler

So I kind of bought this curler on a whim last month. I'd been wanting to try the Tarte version because I'm constantly unimpressed with every curler I've ever tried. But $16 always seems a little steep honestly. As I was finally buying Nars Deepthroat, standing in line I noticed this guy. I will admit I finally caved because of the packaging and the cute Aztec design. I'm a sucker for cute stuff! Seriously, buy the Aztec one in the sample area next to the checkout at Sephora, don't buy the plain one because this one is so much more fun! Anyway, I've noticed this works really well. I haven't had any awful lash debacles that the MAC one constantly left me with. Plus it's cute. 

2. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso 

This blush is pretty much always raved about, so I wanted to try it out too. And I love it. I know I bought it less than two weeks ago, but I love it. It's such a glowly, pretty color. Gorgeous and perfect for summer. It's pigmented, I think longer-lasting than my beloved NARS blushes, and less than $10 at Walgreens. 

3. Essie Turquoise and Caicos

So I can't find First Timer anywhere. Instead I settled for this. And I love it! It's a gorgeous shade and I couldn't stop staring at my toes! It's the perfect color for spring and summer! 

4. Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara

I went back to it. I revisited a few weeks ago and fell in love all over again. It went on so easily, my lashes look beautiful and full, and it works like a dream. I love this mascara and can't believe I didn't use it for about a month!

5. Bath and Body Works Limoncello Candle

I'm a sucker for anything that has lemon with sugar/vanilla. That's my ABSOLUTE favorite scent combination and this is pretty much my heaven. I at first bought it for my mom for her birthday, but then I couldn't help it and bought myself it, along with a couple Wallflowers. This is the best. I can't get enough of it. 

6. Philosophy Pink Frosted Animal Cracker Shower Gel

Like the mascara, this was a product that I revisited recently. I absolutely love Philosophy's shower gels because they make my skin so soft and smooth (plus it helps my dry skin rashes). This smells just like what it claims. Sweet and pink. Can it get better than that? Nope. I don't think so. 

7. L'Oreal Magic Anti-Redness Correcting Primer

So I found this from my current Youtube favorite (Brittany Boles). I wanted to dry more drugstore primers, and I do have lots of pink/red patches. This impressed me instantly. See, I had a monster pimple on my chin, and this worked better than concealer. Yes, better. I didn't even need concealer with it. Normally when I don't have huge zits on my face, I use this where I'm most red: inner cheeks, around my nose, and between my eyes. And while it may look funky with the greenish tint, you totally don't see it after you put foundation on. This doesn't make me oily, hasn't broke me out, and just works great. It's only about $11 (significantly less than the Smashbox version) and is seriously an obsession for me currently. Because of it, I don't need as much foundation or powder on my face (because usually I'm just trying to counter my redness).

8. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush

I also picked this up on a whim at Walgreen's a couple weeks ago and my life has been forever changed. See, previously I've only used Suave's Dry Shampoo, which wasn't life altering to me honestly. But's life altering. I sprayed some on my bangs on second day hair and it looked like I just washed them. I was a tad worried about the scent Blush, but I honestly don't smell anything, which is good. If anything, it just smells clean and fresh. Not like you are trying to cover up dirty hair with perfume. I bought the little sample, but I know for sure that I'll buy the full size as soon as I use this up. 

9. Redken Smooth Down Shampoo and Conditioner

These are also revisited products. I originally stopped using them because my hair had a lot of static and needed heavy products to weigh it down (Hello Hydration from Herbal Essence). Well since now I'm sick of my hair feeling weighed down, I switched back and love this! My hair was so soft after using it! I couldn't believe it. Sadly, Redken has since changed their packaging of this and maybe even the formula because now it's geared toward smoothly overly processed hair. But I love this stuff. 

10. Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque 
If you follow my blog regularly, you'll know I finally broke down and bought the sample of this from Ulta. I've used it now three or four times this month and have really enjoyed it. Is my hair completely different? Not really. I don't noticed a night and day difference by any means honestly. I may not be putting enough in my hair (since I'm conserving the sample size). But my hair looks healthy and happy, so I'm going to use my my samples and then decide if I'll splurge on the big guy version of this.

I do want to add that there's a couple of favorite things I forgot to put! Oh no!

Anyway,  I've been loving my Market Peach Wallflower from Bath and Body Works. 

Like I've said before, Market Peach was one that I didn't actually like. I got the free candle at some event they had a couple of months ago and was just like.."Ehhh." Well, I'm in love now. Maybe because I think it's more of a summer scent than a spring? That could be it. 

Also loved the Simple Eye Makeup Removing Pads. They are fantastic and look for a future post about them!

That's all! Hope you have a great day!