Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sorority Recruitment Do's & Don'ts

Hey everyone! Last fall I decided to take the leap and go through sorority recruitment at my college. It was a move that I honestly had never thought about previously, but one that I am so incredibly glad that I took. If you are planning about going through recruitment, I'm sure you are already planning, hoping, and stressing out about it. But my biggest advice, is to just have fun! I must say, recruitment has been my favorite week in college without a doubt in my two years.

So hopefully this tips will help you plan a little more, and ease some of your worry!

Do check out your college's Greek Life page on their website!

This is so important! It tells you when it is, if there are like Meet the Greek events or informational meetings before, what clothes to wear, and most importantly, the organizations at your school! I might be a little bit of a nerd, but I had not only memorized all five sororities at my school (major pet peeve of mine, was girls going through recruitment not knowing which sorority was which), but their philanthropies, how long they had been on campus, and random things like their mascots! You don't have to do this, but I think it helps give you something to talk about. (Some chapters even have their own blogs or websites! It's a great way to see them in action!)

Don't have your heart set on only one sorority!
Seriously, recruitment is a journey. And you can't enjoy the journey if you think you already know your destination. Yes, it's really difficult to not to root deep inside for one house. But keep an open mind. Almost every girl I went through recruitment with changed their mind at one point or another (including me!!).

Do prepare in advance!
Most girls love shopping and primping, so this isn't a super big one, but it's still important. After taking note of each day's dress codes/suggestions, start to plan out what you want to wear each day. That way you can avoid have that perfect top in the dirty clothes when it comes to the big day. It also helps ensure that your outfit will be completely put together.

Don't dress in the colors of your dream sorority.
Yes, this does in fact happen. And yes, people will notice. If you want to join Delta Zeta, please, please please, don't wear pink and green every day of recruitment. It's just creepy! Show that enthusiasm through your personality! Now it's easy to wear red and just so happen to visit Alpha Omicron Pi, but just don't do it on purpose!

Do make sure you have all the necessities in your purse!

Recruitment is a long, grueling process. So to be prepared, I loaded my purse with a survival kit of sorts. I had a few snacks (I actually had biscotti, but granola bars and trail mix are great options because they won't melt if you are in a warm climate!), lip gloss, chapstick, mints, mirror, oil blotting sheets (at my campus, none of the houses have air condidtioning, so when you pack a room full of like 50 girls, it gets hot!), and bandaids! The bandaids came in handy because I had killer blisters!
Just so you know, your purses are not allowed in the houses. Your Rho Chis (every campus has a different name) will watch them while you are in the house.

Don't talk badly about houses!

This is the number one problem I saw when I went through recruitment! Girls would stand in line in front of a house and instantly start to talk smack about the house. "Oh that's the nerdy house." "Did you see what they were wearing." "Ugh...I'd die if I went there." That is totally unacceptable in my opinion. Yes, there will be houses that you won't gel with. And there will be houses with spectactular decor, outfits, and other recruitment parties. And there will also, sadly, be houses that don't show well in a formal recruitment setting. However, you give each houaw, each girl respect. They love their sisterhood and they are showing special and important aspects of their life with you. Be polite and nice and get over it. Plus, no one wants to be sisters with someone that is snotty. And those girls in your recruitment groups, could very easily become your sisters. I know there a number of girls that I prayed wouldn't become my sisters on Bid Day. Some actually did become part of my sorority. However, in a strange twist of fate, all of them quit before initation.

Do wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable!
If the weather is going to be in the hundreds, please don't wear sweaters! Some colleges have buses that take you to each house. Unfortunately, mine did not. We had 10 minutes to get across campus. Heels were not an option. I was wearing flats and still had to take them off (major blisters running across pavement barefoot. Goodbye pre-recruitment pedicure!!) to run. And then a sprinkler hit the entire group, so we were kind of soggy (good times haha). Wear clothes that portray your individual style (I wore lots of dots and my Toms on the casual days!).

Don't quit just because your favorite house or the "it" house dropped you!

This is incredibly frustrating to me. If you are invited back to houses, go! You never know what connection you'll make to the girl talking to you! Give everything a chance. It's better to see through the entire experience than to cut it short. I've heard a number of girls say that they regretted quiting before Bid Day (this is different than not being asked back). But I've never heard of of someone wishing they hadn't gone through each day.

Do relax and take care of yourself!

Recruitment is super stressful. No doubt about it. The nerves of what houses want you, talking to new people, and it is physically demanding. So when you have down time during recruitment week, relax. I took a few naps (I NEVER take naps), watched a few favorite movies, took long showers, and walked to my University Center for Starbucks and fresh air. Take care of yourself. More than likely, you'll get sick afterward (hopefully not as sick as me, I was one of the only confirmed cases of the flu in my state last year), so eat well and sleep lots. I know I definitely didn't eat as healthy as I should have.

Do know all of your options!

All the sorority talk can be confusing. And every single campus is different. At my school, it is usually not very competitive. Usually everyone finds a home on Bid Day. However, this past fall recruitment was the most competitive in school history. So that meant a lot of girls walked away with broken hearts and tears. At times like that, try not to take it personally. Talk with your Pi Rho Chi, call your mom, and consider your options. If you really want to be in a sorority, usually a few chapters will have an informal recruitment soon after called COB. Lots of girls do this, and most actually prefer it! It's a lot less stressful and much easier to make connections with girls in the house. There is also always Spring recruitment too (sometimes formal, sometimes not), so remember that too. Just try to take everything in stride and have faith in the system, because about 99% of the time, it works.

Do understand the process!

Sorority recruitment is called "mutual selection." Meaning, that both the houses and the potential new members (PNM's) mutually pick each other. However, keep in mind that despite the name, the sororities usually have most of the power in choosing what girls they ask back. Here's a little example:

I attended five parties tonight. I ranked them in the order of favorites: Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, and my very least favorite Blue. I don't want to go back to Blue. However, the next night my slip says that I have parties at Pink, Green, Yellow, and Blue! Why?! I thought I dropped Blue!

The maximum number of houses I could be asked back to are 4. Unfortunately, Red, a house I really liked, didn't ask me back. However, the Blue house does want me back. So the sorority gets the upper hand and can ask me back. When you listed Blue last (or regretted them), you actually weren't dropping them. You were just saying that in case EVERY house wants you back, Blue was the house you wouldn't go back to. Confusing. But that's why there are Pi Rho Chis and Panhellenic and lots of people there to ask. Just know, that in no way are you dropping them.

So I hoped this helped a little. I'll probably post more about recruitment, because it's my favorite thing ever. If I could go back through recruitment, I would in a heart beat. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 30, 2012

July Favorites

Hey everyone! I thought I'd share some of the things that I've been loving in the month of July!

1.) Philosophy Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath in -- Sugary Cinnamon Icing
This is actually pretty random, seeing as how I got this 3-1 guy two years ago during Christmas time in one of those cute sets that Philosophy always has. But during the summer my skin goes crazy. I don't know what it is. It's like I'm allergic to the sun. I get these red little bumps after any heat, sun exposure, or sweating that hurt, burn, itch, and even bleed. I've tried everything it seems, ointment, sunscreen, super thick, non-scented body washes and thick lotions. But nothing honestly works besides time. It eventually goes away on its own, usually only to show up on a different part of my body (shins, thighs, back of my legs, neck, under my bust, forearms, lower back, and armpits are all the usual places). A few weeks ago I was taking a shower and noticed the little Philosphy bottle. Probably because I've been craving cinnamon rolls like CRAZY lately, I decided use this. After my shower, I noticed my skin softer than ever. And guess what? My red little rashes went away! And have been gone ever since I started using this.

To be honest, I love Philosophy's shower gels, but usually, they are just too sweet for me (I'm a floral, Bath and Body Works sorta girl). But this has converted me. The other day I tried using a Victoria's Secret shower gel, and it just didn't even come close to comparing. So since I'm about to run out, I definitely have my eye on the Caramel Apple scent or the I Love Candy Corn kind. Fall scents are definitely my favorite!

2.) MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush

So earlier this month I decided to take the plunge and buy my first MAC face brush. It cost $34, but because I had heard nothing but rave reviews of it on Youtube, I figured I had to try it (especially since I could definitely already notice the quality of my MAC 239 and 217). I bought it with the intent to use it for my blush, and so far it's been working great! Especially compared to my ELF brush that I had been using previously (although I must say that brush is a keeper too, especially if you are on a budget). I love the natural fibers, the effortless application, as well as the overall versatility of this brush. As far as quality, it's probably a 4 stars out of 5 stars. I've had it shed about maybe 6 or 7 hairs (not too bad) and it washes pretty well. The hair is soft. I think it makes my blush look really good as well.

3.) Target's Mossimo Boyfriend V-Neck Shirts with Pocket

I cannot say how much I love these shirts. First, only $8!! I have five of them (in black, gray, coral, light blue, and green) and have hopes of getting more. They are the perfect summer t-shirt, especially when it's hot and miserable, but you still want to look cute. Plus, I think they will be perfect for the fall and winter for layer under cute little cardis. Seriously, if you haven't checked these out yet, you need to. They are my go-to fashion staples this summer.

4.) Nike Running Shorts (aka Norts)

So at first on Pinterest and TSM I didn't understand what the heck Norts were. And then when I finally found out that they are Nike shorts, I couldn't figure out the obsession sorority girls have with them. See, at my school here in Colorado, they aren't exactly a "thing." But with temperatures staying above 90 degrees for 13 days straight (not sure if that was record or not), there was nothing I wanted to were BUT my Norts. First, they have dots. And I LOVE dots. Second, they are cute. Third, they are so light and comfy and cool. Sometimes, I forget I'm wearing them and not my PJs (which ironically are shorts with polar bears on them, and I'm wearing them in July). If you are hesitant, just get them. If you aren't a fan (how could you not be, though?!), then you at least have cute work out attire. (Btw: mine came from Finish Line)

5.) OPI's Cajun Shrimp

Thanks to Kate from The Small Things Blog, I was introduced to my favorite summer nail polish (so far at least), earlier this month. I don't know why, but I think red looks super odd on my finger nails. I love red as a color, in fact it's tied for that honor (with yellow), but I think it just makes my fingers look like vampire fingers or something. But this red-orange-coral is perfect. It is so flattering on my baby hands and feet. I love it.
{Obviously it's the one on the right. But the other is Essie E Nuf is E Nuf...pretty much it's twin}

6.) Redken's Real Control Slim Supreme

Yet another favorite I found thanks to Kate! I'm pretty sure that I didn't even buy this in July, probably May, but I just have to talk about this hair product! I have poofy, kinda frizzy, thick, crazy hair. Seriously, my hair is just ridiculous. I feel like I have tried every product under the sun to make my hair manageable. And all have barely helped me. I liked my Morroccan Oil, but for some reason I just stopped using it. But this is one product I have used EVERY time I blow dry my hair. That's saying a lot for me. It makes it smooth, soft, shiny, frizz-free, and straight. I love it. I cannot say how much it has helped my hair during these summer months.

7.) MAC Gently Off Eye & Lip Remover
Okay, so like mascara, I'm constantly on the search for the perfect makeup remover. I feel like I've tried everything at the drugstore. And nothing works. You'd like I'd just stop using waterproof mascara, but I'm not giving up. So when I saw that MAC had this remover, and that it had pretty good reviews, I had to try it, despite the $19 price tag. And so far, I'm in love. See, it gets off at least 70% of my mascara, while other waterproof makeup removers only take off like 40%. It doesn't burn at all. It's oily, but not bad in the least (trust me, one from Covergirl reminds me of whale blubber, or at least that's what I think whale blubber would be like). It's a little steep, in my opinion. So I'm not sure if I'll repurchase when I run out, but the good thing is that it's part of the Back to MAC recycling program.

8.) Revlon Brow Fantasy

A little while back, I talked about picking my Revlon Brow Fantasy at Walgreens. And just as I hoped, I love this. It's so handy because one side is a pencil and the other side is tinted gel. Definitely a must for my crazy brows (that need waxing but I'm too cheap and I don't know of any good places in my hometown).
So there you have it! Those were my favorites for July! What things did you enjoy during July?

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What's in My PB Teen Boxes??

Hey everyone! Remember seeing these from my post on Friday?

I thought I would share the few things that I ordered from Pottery Barn Teen for my dorm room! I have less than a month (!!) until I move in, and I can't believe it. As you've probably already guessed, I loved PB Teen, especially when it comes to dorm decor. They are timeless, classy, fun, and have items that I consider to be extremely high quality.

These items may be pretty familiar, as I have talked about them quite a bit.

The first box that came brought this little cute guy:

While he may look slightly brown in the picture, he's actually black, and he has ASPIRE written across him. Which, is absolutely PERFECT for my Alpha Sigma Alpha themed room in my sorority house. Why, you may ask? Well, because our motto is "Aspire, Seek, Attain." So it's quite the catch (and luck) to find a pillow that reads aspire (they also had words like SMILE, LAUGH, LOVE) in a color that goes perfectly with my room theme.

Since aspire isn't exactly the most popular option among their pillow, it was on sale. And I consider it to have been on a major sale, since it was only $13.99. With free shipping. If you are at all familiar with PB Teen, a cross-stitched pillow for less than $20 is unheard of. Plus free shipping, which is both extremely rare and a god send, since they're shipping can be absolutely ridiculous! Originally, the pillow was $35, which I feel is extremely over-priced. Not because it isn't made well or not perfect. It's actually because is more of lumbar pillow (measures 7x15). But everything, size, shape, word, color, and most definitely price, were perfect for me. I love it. (If you wanna check it out, or it's lovely sisters that are all the original $35 price, go here!)

Here's what the next box that came carried:

Look familiar? Well, they should because I blogged about them (and have been drooling about them ever since) a little while back.

On the right is the zebra sheets that I have been dying to get for months, and on the right is my new greatest love, the dottie bin. I actually bought two dottie bins, even though one is just pictured.

Here is a closer look at the Funky Zebra Organic Sheet set. They are actually a brand new item to PB Teen, as they used to have a zebra sheet set that was a smaller print. They are usually $59 for the Twin/Twin XL size, but I bought them for $49. I'm honestly been lusting for some PB Teen sheets, especially the organic kind, for a long time. This past school year I actually used the zebra sheets from Target. While they were soft and comfy, I disliked how much they faded and grew fuzzy (hopefully you know what I'm talking about. The nubby feeling fabric gets?) after only a wash or two.

Another thing I particularly liked about these sheets, is that it is a good, classy zebra print. I know that may sound strange, but not all zebra prints are created equally.

I also splurged with those cute dottie bins:

I couldn't resist. I love PB Teen and I love dots. And I love bins. Put all those three things together, and it was a match made in heaven. I bought two for medium sized bins for $45 (on sale from $50, plus free shipping!!). I was very worried that they would discontinue them, not that I have word they will, but I always have that fear.

And with a looming deadline of free shipping on both the bins and the sheets, I felt like I needed to buy them before they could sell out. Or I'd have to pay shipping (have I mentioned how ridiculous their shipping costs are?!). These are bigger than I thought (even though I knew the measurements before buying). They are definitely going to come in handy in my tiny little room this fall. I'm planning on one holding all my DVDS and the other all my lotions, body sprays, perfumes, and makeup brush cleaner.

Here's an example showing that they are quite large. It's currently holding my MAC brush cleanser and my Vera Bradley small notebook.

 I love them so much.

So that's the goodies that I recieved this past week. Like I said, I love all of PB Teen's products, and when they are on sale, like all three of these items, it's really hard to resist.

What dorm room decor items are you lusting over? Anything you've ordered lately?

Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five For Friday

So I decided to start writing the top five things of the week, something that was start by Lauren (From My Grey Desk).

1.) Getting to see my boyfriend on Wednesday! I'm not doing so well in settling into a long distance relationship thing (although we're only about 70 miles apart). So gettting to see him was pretty much the highlight of the week. We ate at McDonald's (fancy, I know haha) and went swimming. So much fun! I miss him so much!

2.) My new nail polish. I love Pinterest and this color has been all over the place this summer. When I saw it at Ulta yesterday, I knew it had to be mine!

{China Glaze--Flip Flop Fantasy}
3.) It's all about the little things and simple pleasures, and let's just say I love doing laundry. I know, weird. But I loved it even more this week because of Tide's Pods. So fun to use, smell amazing, and leave my clothes so clean. Just make sure that you leave them up high, since they are definitely not candy! I love the Spring Meadow scent!


4.) My dorm stuff came from PB Teen! Don't worry, I'll have a post on it later, so you can see all the goodies I got. But when I saw the boxes had come, I was seriously beside myself!

5.) The other highlight of the week definitely was all the other things that came in the mail for me! First, for some odd reason, Victoria's Secret has my dad's birthdate on record, so he always get's the $10 off  a purchase. Well, understandably, he has no use for anything there, so I get it! I also got Target's Back to Campus book this week (like the Sears Wishbook for Christmas when I was little!). Seriously, the ads from Target are the highlight of the year for me!

So hope you all have a great Friday! What highlights did you all have this week?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dorm Room Don'ts Part 1

Around this time every year, you hear A LOT of tips and advice on dorm room decorating and college life. Rarely, do people tell you what not to do. So to help make the process a tad easier on everyone, I'm going to offer things that I personally think are dorm room don'ts (such an awkward word...okay, it's not a word, but still).

 Don't buy every item available at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I know what you are probably thinking: "What does she have against Bed Bath and Beyond?" Overall, I think they are a great one stop shopping trip for college. I love the fact that you can reserve items (more like register for them, like you would for a wedding registry) in your hometown and pick them up in your college town. But it's the attitude of college students that buy all of their dorm stuff at BB&B, Target, Walmart, etc. First, when you buy all your decor items at these super common and accessible places (yes, that's what makes them convinent, but that's why the rest of the world shops there too), be prepared that at least one other person on your floor will have the same stuff. Or all of your roommates in some cases.

Point number two, my biggest pet peeve are these pictures:



Notice something? These rooms' contents are entirely from Bed Bath and Beyond. And would I call these dorm rooms well decorated? Not so much. It's entirely purchased without thought, without personality, and honestly, not very intelligently. What makes a space yours is what you put in it obviously. And I don't think anyone would describe themselves as being BB&B. I'm not saying don't shop there. But I do say, mix and match. Not every item in your room needs to be purchased at the same store. I actually highly advise against that. Pick out things that you like, things that are useful for you, and don't worry about not buying everything in this year's college line at Target. Every place has good pieces. I think Walmart is great overall for bulk. If you don't need something special, buy it there. Things like towels, plastic containers (like Rubbermaid).

Don't let big super stores bully you into thinking what you "need" for college.

Just because it's on their snazzy looking college checklist, doesn't mean you need to buy it. Actually, I don't think you should use any retailer's checklist when it comes to shopping. Because honestly, this checklist tells me that I need an aerobed, futon cover, lunch bag, water pitcher/filters, hand vacuum, closet rod, bed lifts, air purifier, and about ten more things I have never needed, and will never need. Tell me, how many dorm rooms can fit all this stuff? And if your roommate does the same thing, you guys are in trouble in the space department (another reason why you should talk to them before moving in, if possible).

My best advice? I'm sure you can make a list of things you use daily, weekly, and monthly that you'll need. And I'm sure you have friends that are already in college. Ask them! Things like Ziplocks, band-aids, and disinfecting wipes are rarely on stores' lists.

More will come! Thanks for reading! And if you need help knowing what to pack, feel free to ask me!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Look at My Favorite Look

On some days, you just don't even think about the makeup your about to wear. But when that happens, there seems to be one look that I go to no matter what.

It's no surprise that it comes from my beloved Naked palette.

 I just use Sin all over the lid, brush Naked in the crease and a little above, and then finish with Buck in the crease. Add eyeliner, mascara, and boom your done!
{ So simple, yet so pretty!}

{I think it makes my green eyes just pop!}

And in case you don't have the Naked palette, you can get almost the same exact look with my favorite drugstore palette. It's Wet N'Wild's "Walking on Eggshells." And somedays, I actually prefer the Wet N'Wild version more. It's super pigmented, beautiful, goes on perfectly, and the best part? Only $2.99 at Walgreens.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 Things All Incoming College Freshmen Should Know

Hey everyone!

As August approaches, it is safe to say that the anxiety level of incoming college freshmen rises. And to be honest, I think the anxiety level for all ages of college students rises. I know last summer I was a complete lunatic about college, as a sophomore.

This year, thankfully, I am so much calmer.

So I definitely want to help others get through pre-college jitters, and to truly enjoy the ride. Because in the end, you only have one freshman move-in day, and let me tell you, it will never feel just like it does that day.

{Ugh...packing!! But after reading this, hopefully this is your biggest worry!!}

While I think there are a lot of important things to know going into college, I'm going to offer my favorite 10 tips that would have helped me. There are tons more (and if you wanna add any, please do!), but these are the first few that I definitely thought of.

1.) Don't plan on being best friends with your roommate. You'll hear this a TON, but that's because it's just good advice. College is scary, so it's understandable to grip a little tighter to your roommate the first week or so. But expecting to be the future maid of honor for your roommate is just going to creep her out, limit the number of people you'll get to meet, and possibily make your living situation not so great.

2.) Keep your dorm room door open the first two weeks of school. This is a must in my book. If you are afraid that you won't make friends, this is the fastest and easiest way to avoid that. It's not only showing that you are friendly and wanting to seek a community feeling, but also let's people, who are just generally curious, see the amazingly decorated room you have! (Bonus: keep snacks and soda on hand and people will love you forever!)

{Decorating Your Door Also Helps! See our Halloween Door?}

3.) Become friends with your RA (Resident Assistant). This is also very important I think. Your RA is a student just like you, so feel free to ask them to watch a movie in the community lounge or go to the dining hall with you! They'd love it. Plus, it's a great way to meet other people on your floor and to have an ally in the building in case you need help filling out a work order (because lights burn out and your sink drain will clog). Plus, if your RA likes you, chances are, they won't dog on you too much for the TV being a little too loud during quiet hours. And they arrange cool floor events like this one I attended!

{See all these creeps and weirdos? This was my floor. Moments like this will be remembered forever.}

4.) Be flexible. If your roommate goes to bed at 9 (which my freshman year one, actually did. And she woke up at 6 am), be nice and either limit the amount of light in the room, or head out to your living room (if you're in a suite), study room, or common lounge. Flexibility is just needed in general when you live with others. It's all give and take.

{By just having one lamp on, you could be saving yourself from roommate drama}

5.) Go to all the free events you can. I know my college offers tons of things the first four days you move in, all to make you feel at home, introduce you to people, and to have fun. For instance, move in night is always movie night on the hill. Go! You'll have fun, feel good to get out of your dorm room, and you just might meet some cool people! I always shake my head when people complain they don't have many friends when they're freshmen, because when asked if they went to these events, they ALWAYS answer no. Facebook in your dorm can wait. There's plenty of time in October and November when nothing is going on, for that.

{There's a world outstide of you dorm room! Explore it!!}

6.) Join clubs and events...at least for one meeting. This is what everyone talks about when they say hit up the free food and free shirts. Do it. My college has a zombie club, swing dance club, and totally other random groups. It's not like high school. And just because you go to one meeting doesn't mean you are bound to them the next four years.

7.) Be open to Greek life. I know, we've all heard horror stories, watched TV and movies where all they show is hazing and partying. However, that is nowhere close to the truth (especially hazing, which every college I know of has ZERO tolerance for). This is the number one way to meet people. Trust me. And just because you are shy, smart, dumb, old, young, black, white, or whatever, doesn't mean it's not for you. Be open! That's what college is all about! Push yourself to expand outside your comfort zone! There's nothing to lose!

Source {Go Greek!}
 8.) Remember, you are there first and always for school. Definitely don't skip class. Especially not the first week. Buy your books (check out all the online sites for cheap alternatives! I really like Amazon and textbooks.com), bring your supplies, and do your homework. You won't regret it.   

(Pssst...if you want some AMAZING college study tips, read this by The College Prepster!!)

{My Lilly agenda is more than just cute. It's an organizational tool!}

 9.) Call your mom. And dad. Tell them how you're doing. What your roommate is like, the cool people you've met, your new favorite class, what you've ate at the dining hall. They miss you a lot. And while you are out doing all these awesome things, they're worried they you are drunk/homesick/failing out of school/not eating well/and most of all, forgetting about them.

Source: Etsy

10.) Everyone will feel homesick. You'll miss your mom's cooking, your pets, your very own bed, having a room to yourself, and all your old friends. So use the resources that we have in this day and age. Text, call, email, Facebook, and Skype. If you can, go back home however often you feel the need (in my opinion you should go home when you feel like it, don't let your new friends influence you if you need to recharge).

So hopefully this tips help a little bit! College is definitely stressful, but a super exciting, transition. Relax and enjoy it! 

Thanks for reading! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

It Came!!!!

My Lilly Pulitzer agenda, that is! It came and I'm so excited!

See, there's me excitedly hugging it! And I am completely in love with it.

In case you are wondering which one I got, it's the new soft cover version in Multi Floral Punch. I love the colors and all the flowers. It's so girly and pretty and just makes me want to go to school!

There is so much about the planner that I already love, but I think the pages that show the month, with the little sayings are by far my favorite! Here are some of the months that I think are the cutest:


It is the month of my birthday after all! And the whole cheers theme is perfect since this year is my 21st birthday. It reads (in case you didn't whip out your magnifying glass to read it): "Cheers to never saying goodbye to summer." Awww!


Words cannot describe how much I love the pumpkins for October. And I know there's no way you can see it, but there's a tiny little mouse right in the middle. Adorable. The saying is: "Pick me! I'm the prettiest pumpkin in the patch."


The floral is so pretty, I can't even describe it. I'm gonna have a fun first semester with all these cute prints. It says: "Buy me presents...Pretty please!"


February just makes me so happy! I absolutely love the hearts with chocolate and the little envelope!! Awwwwww, so sweet! Of course, the saying is just as sweet: "Chocolate covered anything, please."


I love the Lilly roses, to say the least. And I've already said the little saying outloud like five times because it's so fun. "Hooray, hooray it's the first of May... Outdoor parties can start today!" While I'm sure this is correct for many places in the country, I know it's not very true of Colorado, but whatever! (If this were Colorado themed it would have bitter cold wind and a snowman, honestly...not that cute. At least not in May).


Finally, just look at July. If this doesn't make you long for the 4th of July, I don't know what will. "Lilly in the sky with diamonds."

I can't wait for school to start to use my planner. Not only is it great for scholarly purposes, it's so freaking adorable!! I'm 100% sure I made the right decision when it came to Lilly vs. Vera this year. And who knows? Maybe I'm forever gonna be a Lilly agenda convert....

Roommates...and Decorating?

Hey everyone!

Since it's getting so so close to back to campus time, I thought I'd offer some advice on concerns that a lot of new college students often have.

And the first I'll tackle is that ever great design question regarding your roommate's side of the room. So many college students are debating questions like:

Should my roommate and I match our decor?
What if our sides look completely different?
What if we have nothing (design-wise) in common?
Can I still decorate my side as I wish, or should I tone it down?

I'm going to answer this question as a college student going into her third year of college, one that has roomed with different girls thus far, and will room with a different one this fall.

First off, interior designers, magazines, Pinterest, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and probably the rest of the world will you tell you match decor with your roommate for a more put-together look. Looking at pictures across the Internet, it looks amazing when this is done. Here's some examples:

From Digthisdesign.net

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All of these rooms, as you noticed, all have the same exact color scheme, all have the same bedding, and in some cases, each side is a mirror image of the other. They look fantastic when taking pictures of, for trying to sell dorm merchandise or just trying to sell that dorm living is quite pretty and put together. I know I want to move in.

But looking at my reality...

None of my dorm rooms looked like this, I can tell you. Not even remotely close? Why? Well, first off my roommates and I didn't even discuss decor before moving in. We were more interested in talking about what we're like, interests, majors, and who is bringing the fridge and TV.

Take this past school year (in the fall), my room looked like this. There was nothing in the world that was going to stop me from using the red dottie bedspread, including a roommate. See, I bought this bedding the previous February. I didn't know who I was rooming with until June. I didn't talk to her until mid-July.

While my site was all dottie, flowery, and red, her side was QUITE different. She had a plain purple comforter, all of her posters were gray, black and white, and subdued. And she spent a total of about 20 minutes decorating.

It just wasn't something that interested her. Me, on the otherhand, never stopped decorating throughout the school year.

My freshman year, the difference between our side of the rooms were even more pronounced. My side, as shown above. Her side had Care Bears everywhere. There was absolutely no color scheme or any thought about design.

This upcoming year, however, will be the first that my roommate and I are working with a design theme. Jury is still out on how it will go and look, but I'll share pictures and tell you all about it.

I must say however, I'm a big fan of just doing your own thing. Some reasons:

1. What if your favorite colors are completely different? Don't force each other to live/spend lots of money on something neither of you love.

2. Dorm rooms are personal, they help your new floormates and friends get to know YOU. So if you have a Beatles poster or a collage of your artwork, it something you guys can talk about. However, in an impersonal room where it looks like a magazine, you can't get that connection.

3. Roommates are difficult enough without adding in design discussions and differences. Don't add extra stress to that relationship.

4. College students like to hang out. They do not like hanging out in a formal, uncomfortable room. It's important to think about design and comfort, but having a room that is all pink and matchy-matchy make people feel like they can't sit down and relax.

5. It's more budget friendly to get things you want and need, not what will match your roommates.

Finally, I also must advise, don't feel like you need to tone down your side of the room. Bring what you NEED and what you love, and you can't go wrong. Does that mean you should bring your entire room from home? No. Dorms are small. And the first and number one way to make your roommate grumpy with you, is that A.) on move-in day they can't walk around your stuff because it's everywhere, and B.) you have so much stuff you can't fit it in your side of the room.

Real life experience with both A and B. My freshman year roommate (who was a sophomore) brought everything she owned. Every article of clothing, every shoe, every book she read for fun her entire life. Everything. And when she didn't have enough space for her clothes on her side of the closet and had to put three items on my side, I was mad. I don't care I had empty space, that's because I hadn't brought my winter clothes yet. So the entire year, I move her stuff back to her side. Yes, passive agressive, but I was upset.

So please, don't be like my freshman year roommate. Your roommate will thank you!

I'll touch more on these subjects in upcoming days and weeks, so come back and read them, please!

Hope you all have a great day!