Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sorority Picture Frame Craft

So I know for many sororities, it's getting close to big-little week, so I thought I'd share a craft with you that I made my Pearl last week.

This was such a simple, inexpensive project, and I absolutely love the way it came out. I bought the picture frame from Walmart (I think it was $5 or less). It already had all the frames connected.

I just painted each frame a different color, using the middle frame with one of those circle sponges to make polka dots (I was tempted to try chevron too, which would be super cute). Then once all the paint dried, I use puffy paint to write and tied a small bow out of ribbon and attached it to the top frame.

If you are giving it as a gift, I'd recommend either putting photos in it, or using scrapbook paper that matches the frames (like I did) to give it a complete, finished look.

Happy crafting!

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