Saturday, July 5, 2014

It's Been Awhile

Hey guys!

So it's been awhile since I've been blogging. I know, I know. What happened to me? Well, it seems like a lot. 

I wrapped up student teaching. 

I was treated to more letters, pictures, and heartfelt gifts than I knew what to do with. 

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. 

I applied to just about a million summer and teaching jobs. 

I graduated from UNC. 

I interviewed for jobs at Bath and Body Works (two of them) and Target. 

I was offered a job from all three, but settled with the first one that called me: Bath and Body Works. I love this job. A lot. I also worked an insane amount of hours because of the Semi-Annual Sale. It's just now slowing down a little. 

My boyfriend underwent surgery. He's good. 

I've had three teaching job interviews, and have been the runner-up in all of them. I don't think principals understand that hearing you were number 2 doesn't really help the feeling of disappointment. 

I've applied to tons of other teaching jobs. 

I've started an unhealthy relationship with Preztel Maker Pretzels, Great American Cookie, and Sephora in JC Penny's. 

I've used the heck out of my IPad.

And I've tried my best to enjoy summer in the meantime. 

So yeah. I feel like I've been so busy and not at the same time. I think summer definitely has a habit of doing that to you. By the way, if possible, think good thoughts for me about upcoming teaching jobs/interviews and stuff. I guess I need to just be patient and see what the world has in store for me, but at happy as I am working the rest of my life at Bath and Body, I'd also like to go on to things that can help me afford a month's rent or a mortgage. So any positive thoughts would be great!

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