Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Summer Dorm Room

Hi guys!
Curious as to how I decorated my single dorm room for my six week summer school stay? Well, here's a quick look!
I used things that I already owned from over the course of the last three years, mixing some things in and out so I wouldn't get too bored with what I was using this past school year in my sorority house. The key was not to go too overboard, since it's only six weeks, but make it feel home-y and cozy enough so it's a refuge  from being in class for four hours everyday (summer classes don't play, guys).
As you can tell, I used my PB Teen dottie duvet cover with my basic red Walmart sheets. I think this combination looks really sharp against white walls. I added only two new things to this room: the Ikea throw pillow on my bed and a chevron frame from Hobby Lobby on my bookcase (which is yet to get an actual picture in it haha).
Because I wanted to make sure my ample supply of wall space wasn't too barren, I used ribbon and hung some of my favorite Instagram pictures from them with clothespins (an idea that is waaaaay harder than it looks, seriously I cheated and used tacs on the walls...shhhhh don't tell on me haha).

But it came together really nice! Plus this room was a gem to begin with! It has an adorable dormer window and a slanted ceiling, making me feel like I'm tucked into a little attic apartment. Plus it has a an accent wall and the walls are actually not white, but a kind of yellow, off-white.
So that's my room for summer school! I also have my own bathroom, a long hallway, and a closet too. Seriously, I'm so in love with this room.

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