Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Reveal: Junior Year Room!

You may have wondered when I would finally reveal what my room in my sorority house looks like. And honestly, I have no excuse for why it took like six weeks to get pictures up. But, I think it’s time.

Sorry for the blurry iPhone pictures, but you know, that’s how it goes sometimes.
But anyway, this picture shows my little corner of the room. I decided to arrange my massive amounts of pillows like a daybed, which I actually really like. It makes it feel less dormy and more cute. As you can see, there was a slight change of plans when it came to bedding. See, the white and black damask 5 piece bedding set cost only $39. Yes!! You read that right. A five piece set: comofter, bedskirt, sham, and two throw pillows for less than $40. With fast shipping (less than a week from Canada). And I love it.

Here’s a closer look (still blurry, sorry) at all my pillows. Normally, I would tell college students that this many throw pillows is slightly annoying. But, I’m addicted. I love all of them. Maybe it’s because my mom made four of them (the dottie, zebra, and two Vera Bradley ones) and my big made the other. So all of them have emotional ties to them. But I think they really are adorable. You'll also notice on the far right of the picture is the paddle my sister made me! I love it! And some frame decals with pictures of my family, boyfriend, and pets are there too!!
Here’s a slightly closer look at my dottie bulletin board (Hobby Lobby $5!), the sorority letters I made, and my Keep Calm and Carry On poster. I love this wall. And my zebra lamp.
And here is my metal shelf next to my bed. Because space is a premium in my small room, I decided to forgo the desk and just to a shelf, since there are a plenty of places to study around the house if I need a solid surface (although I’m usually the type of person that likes to sit on the floor or in my bed to do homework). So you can see my laptop and next to it a couple of Vera Bradley magazine holders that hold my school notebooks and folders. Below on the bottom shelf, are my two PB Teen dottie bins. The one on the right holds DVDS, and the one on the left holds all of my beauty sprays and lotions. The top shelf is home to a cute dottie frame from Hobby Lobby, a mug full of pens and pencils, alarm clock, and my lamp!
Across the room is my closet, which houses my dresser as well. Ignore the fan and my roommates random blue chair. The black curtains came with the room, so I just took some ribbon I had and tied them back. The space above the closets was the absolute perfect place for me to put the wildflower wall decals I bought from Ikea. That maybe my favorite part of my room.

Here is a closer look at my dresser. I knew when moving in that this area was going to be my dressing area. So I bought the red egg crate from Target to hold earrings, jewerly, bobby pins, and hair ties. I also have two more Hobby Lobby frames on display (I promise they do now have pictures in them! The one on the right has a picture of my boyfriend and the left one has a picture of one of my guinea pigs). I have a red mug that holds my makeup brushes, a fake orchid (the only kind I can keep alive), my pin box, and my Vera Bradley makeup pouch.
And here is a picture of our decorated door and you can see more of the clothes side of my closet.
So overall, I'm in love with my room. I think it came together really nice! My storage sysem is working great (which I'll probably go into more detail here soon in another post). And I got rave reviews about it during recruitment's house tours.
I hope you all enjoyed!


  1. I love your blog! & I am an ASA at Central Missouri :)

  2. Awwww thanks! It's so cool coming across ASA's from across the country! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I got it from King Linen's website! Here's a link: http://www.kinglinen.com/cf0502-black-wsh-t.html. Thanks for reading and commenting! :)