Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Lusts

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t have money, is when there are like a million things you can’t wait to get your hands on? And when you do have money, there is nothing that catches your eye?

Well, I’m totally in the first scenario right now. With gift giving for my littles, my bank account is rather sad right now, so I’m trying to put a cease on spending (at least really dumb, I’m bored so I’ll go visit Target, Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works and buy over $80 worth of wallflowers and underwear I didn’t need type of spending).

And of course, there are now about a million things that I’m dying to buy right now. So, here are a list of the random things I’m lusting over.

NARS Deep Throat Blush
This is a blush that I’ve been eyeing and thinking about for about six months now. And if it weren’t $28 at Sephora, I would probably already have it by now. See, I’ve been using Orgasm exclusively now since about June. And while it’s a lovely color and great quality, I’m just a tad sick of it. And while I could just as easily pick up a cute, inexpensive Wet N’ Wild blush or a Rimmel one, I think sometimes, it’s better to not accumulate a collection of products that are just iffy to you. It’s better to just save up and go for what you really want. And so while I’ve also been tempted by Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blushes and MAC’s Pink Swoon and Fleur, Deep Throat just keeps calling me.

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara
So this one is sorta iffy on my list. See, so far I’m not a huge fan of Covergirl mascaras. They always seem really wet and difficult to apply beautifully. I know that Lash Blast Fusion is definitely not my mascara of choice, which is my last Covergirl mascara purchase. But I’ve so far heard pretty good things about this one, and well…it’s new! I want to try it! We’ll see if I actually drop the $8 or so on this, but it keeps calling me…

Maurice’s White Sweater
So a sorority sister of mine recently wore a white, chunky sweater sort of like this and I just loved her outfit. It was adorable. And I made the comment that if I could find a sweater like it, I would totally copy her. Well, I did. But have I purchased it? No. It’s only $34, which is pretty good for a sweater, but dropping that much on it…I just don’t know. But I envision it looking lovely with some dark wash skinny jeans, a nice red cami underneath, and maybe a chunky necklace.

Aerie Vintage Lace Underwear
I know this definitely seems random. And maybe too personal. But Aerie’s vintage lace underwear (which comes in 3 different styles I believe), is just so delicate and pretty looking. See, I have a real soft spot for underwear. I could probably go at least a month without doing laundry, and still have underwear to spare. Kinda sad, right? I’ve never purchased any undergarments from Aerie before, and this would be online, but Victoria’s Secret Pink (which is most of my current collection), just seems really young and cheap to me. Like a bunch a stuff a 15 year old would wear. Not a junior in college. So if you’ve purchased this style before, let me know your thoughts and if it’s worth it.

MAC Techna Kohl Liner
So it was pretty well documented that my last MAC liner died a painful, sad death. And because my college town is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, the nearest MAC is about 40 minutes away. So I had to settle with my Physician’s Formula eyeliner, which has worked fantastically. Except now I want to go back, just because it’s calling me. We’ll see. Maybe once I used up all of my Physician’s Formula liner, then I’ll move on.
Dottie Mugs
So it’s kinda funny. I don’t need these because our sorority house provides all the kitchen necessities we need like mugs. But the evil hoarder in me desperately wants to buy these and save them for whenever I need them (which you know, could be never). But I don’t want World Market to run out of them before I need them! So cute! So there is my random list of things that I'm currently lusting over.
What things are you hoping to buy soon? Are you just waiting for Christmas?  

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