Wednesday, June 27, 2012

College 2012: Target Style

So last week I took a little trip to Target for some beauty essentials. While I was there, I was so excited to see that they've started getting some of their college stuff out! Target is definitely my favorite inexpensive place for back to school stuff, and they always prove to be stylish as well!

As always, it was the bedding that first caught my attention. I love this bedding! It could be great for a girl or a guy, and it's a lot like chevron in a way. It's graphic, bold, modern, and very clean-lined. Plus the colors are so cheery!

Another bedding set that I instantly fell in love with is this black, red, and orange floral one. Once again it's bright and graphic and very cute. I love that this year Target isn't overly pink. While I do appreciate some pink, it's definitely annoying when every single store just carries pink and purple for girls and blue for guys! But it's like Target read my mind, because I actually didn't see any pink in store.

Isn't this blue floral bedding set so lovely? I think so! The blue is bright and happy and the floral pattern is very bold and graphic (I'm using bold and graphic to describe everything haha).

Since orange is apparently just an "in" color these days, I wasn't too surprised to see that Target used the color. I love this set as it's just so fresh and citrus-y feeling.

The frames that go with the college collection also caught my eye. This adorable frame that say "I love us" definitely calls me. I can just see it on my dresser showing off my boyfriend and I. By the way, doesn't the guy in the picture look a lot like Drake? Maybe he's now one of those picture frame models?

I thought this frame with the yellow and gray flowers was also so pretty. So fresh and fun feeling!

This frame isn't technically part of the college collection, but I already have big plans for it in my room this year. I love Umbra, they constantly amaze me, and I love the collage feel. (sorry for any of the pictures being blurry! In my excitment taking pictures with my iphone is not the easiest haha). 

Aren't these wall decals adorable?! I love the dandelions so much!

This frame is perfect for displaying pictures of your family! It has a cute little clip at the top that reads "Family" and at the bottom says "my family is weirder than yours." How cute haha!

Finally this frame with extra space to write on with a dry erase marker is such a great idea! Nothing like writing down your to-do list, favorite quotes, or important reminders besides your favorite picture.

So overall I love Target's stuff. I know they are getting more and more out, so if you head to Target I'm sure you'll see a lot more than what I posted.

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