Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Slowly Coming Along

I'm so excited I can barely stand it!! My bedroom here back home (in other words not my dorm room) is slowly getting more and more perfect!

Sometimes I really wish my life were a 30 minute HGTV show where a room/house is completely redone, with everything in a day or week or something. Unfortunately, real life isn't quite like that. Back in the beginning of May my mom and I started redoing my bedroom to make it more exciting and comfortable for my summer vacation. And here it is, almost the end of June and I'd say it's about halfway. However, I'm so excited about it right now! Especially the bed, because that's done!

I love it so much! It's so bright and happy and it makes me smile! The comforter was a cheap $20 one from Target that is just plain yellow (but so fluffy and comfortable), the sheets (hard to see, I know), are a navy and white stripe (Target!), the yellow flower pillow (remember from my freshman dorm?!), navy blue from Target, and the sweet little chevron pillow my mom actually made (the fabric came from a shop on Etsy). Every time I'm in my room I stop and stare and just can't believe that this is my bed. It seriously makes me not want to go back to college because I love how my room is coming along!

Gotta love Target, right? But with the sheets being I think $15, the comforter $20, the blue pillow $20, it's so inexpensive but so lovely. 

I finally finished the dresser part of my room, make sure to take a look

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