Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Never Too Early...

It may be merely June, but to me, deciding/planning/obsessing about my dorm room is in full swing. See, I love interior design. I have for as long as I can remember. And going off to college was the perfect excuse to think of a different room design every year. There is nothing more fun (and I mean NOTHING) than scouring the web, driving store to store, trying to find the look for my next home in college.

For instance, my freshman year I desperately wanted to include yellow! My two favorite colors are red and  yellow, but combining them reminds me of McDonald's, which isn't exactly stylish. So I went with yellow (drab 30+ dorm room, popcorn ceiling, and dingy white walls needed that bright color to cheer it up). So it ended up looking really good in my humble opinion (sorry that the pictures aren't even remotely good. I took them with my old cheap cell phone. Sorry for the small size too).

If you're squinting, trying to figure out what you're looking at, that is in fact my bed and desk, with existing shelves above them. I found a pretty damask comforter at Target that totally contrasted with my pops of yellow in the most beautiful way. Even looking at it now it makes me happy.

Hopefully this picture illustrates a little bit more the look I went for. That pillow from Target still makes me fluttery on the inside (in a good way...btw). Definitely my favorite view of my room.

And here was my desk! This study space was really awesome. I loved those dollar bin pencil cups (Target), yellow lamp (Target! again), and damask ribbon board (Tuesday Morning). It was truly fun to sit at my desk.

My sophomore year I wanted a different look. A drastically different one. In all that time spent with yellow the year previously, I was really missing red. There's just something about red that is just so...perfect to me. I was on the other side of campus, and I just wanted a different feel. I wanted it to feel less...stuffy I guess.

This was how it all started. I wanted to use my awesome red dottie comforter (Walmart) and after that, I just went by idea of whatever I like. So that hopefully explains the random mix of things you see. The shelf above the bed provided fantastic storage. And I loved it's brightness.

So that's what my room was like about 75% of the school year. But something was just...wrong. I didn't know what. It bothered me to no end. My roommate, boyfriend, friends, and family all thought I was crazy, but you just know when it doesn't feel right. So I bought a yellow comforter from Target, wanting a more fresh look. It wasn't right. So I returned it. I bought a plain red quilt and zebra sheets. Loved the zebra, but froze to death under the quilt. But then finding a little inspiration in PB Teen, I opted for black and white dots.

Finally, something felt right. Maybe it was the zebra, the pops of red (instead of all over red), moving that shelf to over my desk, or the Vera Bradley Deco Daisy pillow my mom made (out of napkins!), but it felt right.

That's how I ended the year. Still was nowhere near perfect to my eye, but a lot more perfect at least.

So now I'm thinking all about my junior year, which will be spent living in my sorority's house. Our VP of Recruitment asked every bedroom in the house to have a "theme" for a more put together look for recruitment (a great idea I think). My roommate and I opted to go with a slight ladybug theme, black, white, and red focusing on Alpha Sigma Alpha. So I was planning on using all the same bedding (just upgrading my Target zebra sheets to some nice, PB teen ones), using my red KEEP CALM CARRY ON poster (not pictured, but it was there--because it's red, awesome, and has a crown --one of our symbols), and a few other touches here and there of my wonderful sisterhood.

 Like this awesome bulletin board my big made for me (perfect for our theme!). So hopefully more inspiration will strike. I still have such a long time to think about it, but I don't want it to be a copy of my sophomore room either.

So if anyone has some suggestions or anything I'd love to hear!

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