Friday, June 1, 2012

Makeup Brushes...The Great Search

So a few months ago I decided to grow up and become a "big girl" as one of my close friends said, and bought some MAC makeup. Honestly, I didn't see all the hype before this monumental move. Seriously, $15 for one shadow seemed like a ridiculous amount of money, especially for a college student with a Starbucks addiction. That's three iced white mochas!!

So one Friday afternoon my boyfriend and I went on the hour and half pilgrimage to Denver to the MAC store in search of a new look for me. Almost $100 later (it was like $92 I think, I was too shocked by that price to realize what I was paying haha), I came back with a whole new look (just eyes...I wasn't ready to get a face look yet), a lighter wallet, and a disapproving boyfriend. It wasn't until I used the Technakohl liner that I realized just how amazing good quality makeup is. Seriously, this liner did not budge off of my eyes. Nope. It stayed put all day and even required slight scrubbing when I took it off. It glided on easily, I didn't even have to press it hard into my lashline.

Which, long-story short, leads me to now. Ready to take on face make-up (that's another post probably in itself), and ready for some good quality brushes. They say that brushes are what makes the makeup good. Up into this point I've been using a couple of Sonia Kashuk brushes from Target (hardly a bargain consdering they were both over $10 in my book), a Bare Escentuals brush, and an ELF. All are getting the job done for the most part.

The world of makeup brushes is a crazy one, that's for sure. If your spending upwards of $20 on a brush, you wanna know it's worth it, right?! So I've been holding off, perfecting my look with my beginner collection, trying to save money, and trying to make sense of what is the right type/brand/price for me. So without any more of my rambling, here's the options....

1. Sigma's Essential Kit --$89 but I found a code for 10% off so actually $80.10 (and whatever shipping is :p)

So I honestly had never heard of Sigma until like a month ago. And at times I'm still pretty skeptical. I mean, you can't feel them. Hold them. And pick out the exact ones from the store. But Youtube beauty gurus or whatever the heck they are all say they are like MAC. They look like MAC. And this kit has 7 brush styles that I know I want. You gotta say 7 outta 12, pretty good. I took out my calculator and it appears that the price for each brush is only about $6.68...which is pretty darn good. Even if I only use 7 brushes it would be $11.44 a brush...pretty much what I paid for my Sonia Kashuk ones. And still much less than MAC and Sephora.

2. Sigma's Travel Kit-Make Me Classy $59 ($53.10 after that discount)

A slightly more affordable option from Sigma is this travel kit. It has four brushes I definitely would use and even comes with a pretty cool travel case that is fantastic for brush storage (since I got nothing for that currently). Price per brush sits at $7.59 per brush for all 7 in the kit...$10.62 per brush if I only touch 5 of 'em. Plus that fantastic case!

My other options are buying brushes individually from MAC or Sephora (or both!). For small Sephora brushes like this one it runs about $13. Face brushes...up to $30. Which adds up if you get three for foundation, bronzer, and blush. MAC, is a totally different story. With brushes ranging from $22 to over $30.

I guess I just worry about quality. Although it's not guaranteed, you know the odds of good quality from MAC are pretty high. Everyone raves about them. They look and feel good. And they apparently last years.

So overall, I guess I'm still pretty clueless, although looking at it from a purely economical point of view continuously points me in the direction of Sigma. I'd break down how much each brush from Sephora and MAC (the ones I want to buy I mean) would cost, but it's obvious...probably over $100, for MAC at least. So I'm holding off...since the coupon code is until June 30th and my brushes for my eyes are doing just fine now.

If anyone has suggestions, reviews, or anything please tell me! I'd love to hear!

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