Monday, June 25, 2012

Dorm Room Drooling Part 2

I forgot to add some of my other favorite places to look for awesome dorm room decor, so prepare for more inspiring rooms!

PB Teen

How I love PB Teen. The products, while pricey in some areas (or most actually) are all really great quality, timeless, and beautiful. There's always a debate among college dorm "experts" whether one should invest in a great duvet cover or comforter that is over $100 or just buy the bargain bed in a bag from some place like Target, Walmart, or even Bed Bath and Beyond. I fall somewhere in between. I've had a $30 comforter from Walmart, that I loved. But I definitely noticed fading over time (and after about five or so washings). And I have a PB Teen dottie duvet cover that has held up pretty well (and one that I'm planning on using this upcoming school year. If you're like me and like to change up yearly, buying an expensive one is probably not a good way to make your parents happy.

Anyway...sorry for long debate. Back to looking at inspiring dorms and products.

I am definitely a fan of PB Dorm this year. The colors are kind of dark and moody (which is mature and cool looking, showing it isn't meant for an elementary schooler).

Isn't this damask duvet just lovely? Seriously, I was just wondering if I could convince my parents to go along with a new duvet cover...probably not. But a girl can dream, right? Doesn't this just scream mature, college girl? I think so. And I love the pairing of gold with the black and white. Reminds me of my freshman dorm room, maybe that's why I love it. See? 

Anyway...just look at this brillant dorm room from PB. In. Love. Literally. Words cannot describe everything that I love about this room. The walls, the bedding. Just lovely all around. I can't imagine coming back from class to a dorm that looks this darn good. I would never want to leave.

Just wow. Hopefully other people find this just as amazing as I do.

Ruched duvets are all the rage these days and this blue is so beautiful. I love the plain top paired with the printed sheets. Perfect for a great splash of color in a white dorm room.

I love how so many different retailers are incorporating today's trendiest prints in dorm design. Like this Ikat print. It's so much better than those bright girly pink bedspreads you are always bombarded with year after year.

These wall decals are all so cute too. Definitely would bring a ton of interest and fun on the walls of a blank dorm room.

This dry erase calendar is perfect for organzing a busy college student's tests, quizzes, homework, and activities around campus. I love the vintage frame look of it.

And here is just one of their inspiration rooms...Room 816

So lovely. I can't even stand it!

Next I'll highlight some of my favorites from Urban Outfitters for dorms, so look for that coming up!

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