Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spring Semester Room Updates!

Hey everyone!

I just finished up my first week back from Christmas vacation, and I wanted to share with you some new room updates I made!

I don’t know about you, but I hate looking at the same stuff for months on end. When it comes to decorating, I like change, I like incorporating new things into my space so it’s less stagnant and it keeps me interested and excited. The changes can be simple (my new scent for my Wallflower: Frosted Cupcake!) or more major like a bedding switch. But what I want you to keep in mind, is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to put a fresh new look and energy in your old, tired space! Something that I know college students can struggle with! 

The first dramatic change to my room at school is my bulletin board! If you remember, I had some picture frame decals and a bulletin my big made me. While it was lovely, I wanted something that didn't have so much white space! Something more dramatic and interesting to look at! 
Here's a little reminder of the before!
And this is what it looks like now! 

Pretty dramatic, right? So the picture before doesn't illustrate it really well, but behind my bulletin board and frame decals, was a cork board that they painted white. I guess in older homes (like my sorority house), it was pretty common to just build cork into the walls, since they are plaster and pretty much impossible to put nails or tacs into. 

Over break I saw this picture on Pinterest of a chevron board. First I love chevron, and I love bulletin boards, and I like the look of having like an inspiration board. 
From AnntheAdventurer
And I got to thinking about the cork on my wall, so I decided to change it up a bit. I bought this fabric from a local fabric outlet (it is a black chevron from Riley Blake, though if you want to search for it). I basically bought two yards (I just had a enough!), used push pins to cover it, then simply lined it with red ribbon! So far it's holding up nicely! And while the pictures and things on it are a work in progress, I put up some of my favorite pictures and notes and other things I love! The chevron is so perfect!

There were other changes I made too. Since chevron plus damask would equal a major migraine from all the busy prints, I decided to change out my bedding. If you know one thing about me, it's that I love bedding. Because I love the combination of dots and chevron, I decided to use the PB Teen dottie duvet I purchased last spring! 

I like how it grounds the chevron and isn't as visually crazy as my damask comforter last spring. Plus, if I have to recommend bedding for a dorm, it would definitely be PB Teen bedding. It's definitely worth the price! I arranged the pillows a little differently, I eliminated some as well, but overall, the all were things I already owned, so the change was free! 
You'll also notice in this picture that I brought in a different lamp as well. Since zebra and chevron are like weird cousins of each other, I thought I'd give my eyes a rest and exchange the zebra lamp for this plain black one I bought at Target a couple of years ago. 
Here is another shot of the lamp and my bedding. 

Other changes I made her all sort of little, but they are definitely fun ones! 
 On the shelf beside my bed I added this cute little cupcake picture holders from Big Lots. I love cupcakes, and I love Valentine's Day decor, so I thought these were a cute little addition. Plus the have red and dots! 
 On the mirror on the back of my door, I added some cute little window gel clings for Valentine's Day. I love the little ladybugs (Hobby Lobby) and the little cupcakes (Target dollar section!). 
And then a really fun addition to my dresser area (which is where I put my makeup on), is Max. My little ceramic doggie that holds my makeup brushes. I saw this idea on Youtube, and loved it! Basically, I filled up Max with glass beads (mine were from Joanne's and I bought three of the little mesh bags), and then I just stuck my brushes in there. I love him! Max came from Target's Valentine's Day table decor area and was $14.99. 

Those are the changes so far to my dorm room, but I love them! All were very inexpensive, but definitely help get this spring semester off to the right start! 

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