Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Touches

My room at home is a never ending work in progress. Hopefully others feel this way about their space, but it seems like the to-do list for this space never truly ends. It’s like I work in little vignettes in this space, completely one fraction of it, while the other parts sit in mindless chaos.

I’ve perfected my bedding, my curtains, and other aspects. They have sat finished for a year now, while other portions of my room are just being worked on now for the first time.

On Pinterest this picture from my bedding is quite popular (it shocks me actually). I didn’t think it would be so popular honestly. The feel of my room is supposed to be a little cottagey mixef with a smidge of nautical (living in Colorado, I feel a little odd going full on nautical). It's a theme of white, navy blue, and yellow. Which is so cheerful and pretty!

The area above my dresser (and on my dresser), has been a mix match of utter disasters. This summer (the little of it I got because of summer school), I wanted it to finally be a little bit more put together. So here is the space above my dresser, the newest portion to be finally finished. 

So this is what it looks like. I didn't have a before picture, but it was pretty bad. 

On the wall I have a canvas that I just covered in chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby, painted a C and stuck it on it. Then I have a plain cheap white frame from Target filled with yellow dot scrapbook paper (Hobby Lobby), and a small round navy blue mirror from Target (last summer). 

My dresser is usually the storage spot for most of my beauty products and makeup, so I bought the cute white metal bins from World Market (14.99 each). They hold my body sprays, dry shampoo, brush cleaner, everyday makeup bag, makeup remover wipes, toner, and other odds and ends. I absolutely adore my Ikea candle holder/pencil cup to hold my makeup brushes. 

In front I have a ceramic bird tray from World Market to hold my favorite perfumes. I also have the yellow World Market Egg holder to hold earrings, bobby pins, hair ties, and lip balm (these are so handy for storage in college). And of course I have the current candle I'm burning from Bath and Body Works (Lilac Blossom). 

Overall I love it! It's functional, cute, and finished! 

Make sure to read this post the first time about my room at home! 


  1. May I ask where you got the yellow flowered pillow? I love it!

  2. I got it from Target! It's made by Dwell Studio :). Thanks!