Thursday, February 6, 2014

Favorites List

This post is gonna be a little bit different, but I thought it would be sorta fun to make a list of some random favorites of mine. 

Color: I've always loved yellow and red...but hardly ever together. It's always a toss up between which I like more. 

Ice Cream Flavor: Did you know that second graders are usually only concerned about this question? Seriously, in the last like five months of being around seven and eight year olds, I get this question the most. Which is kinda unfortunate because I don't like ice cream all that much. But since you can't tell a second grader that (it's like saying you hate weekends or baby bunnies), I tell that I like Cookies and Cream. 

Hair Product: Moroccanoil. This is by far, my holy grail hair product. It makes my hair so silky and smooth and smells amazing. 

Beauty Product: Mascara---the answer varies, but right now I'm loving Maybelline's The Rocket. 

Nail Polish: Orly's Rage

TV Show: This is a three way tie: Gilmore Girls (I literally love everything about that show), Scrubs (hilarious and it's one I never tire of), and Boy Meets World (words cannot describe how much I love this show). I'm also becoming pretty addicted to Friends thanks to my boyfriend. 

Material Possession (that's not electronic): My pearl doubt about it. 

Month: September. I love the beginning of fall (the scents, the clothes, the colors, the weather!). My birthday and anniversary fall in this month. It's literally the best month of the year...with December coming a close second. 

Day of the Week: Fridays. Specifically, Friday nights. 

Time of the Day: I really like getting ready every day, but I don't like waking up. I really like afternoons and cozy late nights. 

Lazy Day Activity: Laying in bed watching Scrubs on Netflix or spending the whole day on Pinterest. 

Store: This is tough to pick between Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, Target, Ulta, and Sephora. Can I choose them all? 

Type of Animal: Prairie Dogs

Holiday: Christmas

Sports: Hockey, especially college hockey. 

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