Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Foruma X Nail Polish in Perfection!

Of late, I've really been enjoying Sephora's Formula X nail polish line. Mostly I love the packaging and their wide range of colors, but I've also found that they are a pretty solid line of good quality polish (do they beat Essie? No, Essie is still my favorite, but I do think these are better than OPI and China Glaze).

I currently own three colors, and this past week I picked up a sample size as a 100 point reward. It's in the color Perfection, and I couldn't agree any more with the title. It's so pretty!

It reminds me a lot of OPI's You Don't Know Jaques. It's kind of a moody gray purple (unfortunately my poor lighting makes this look more brown, but it's definitely a neutral gray purple.

This polish I managed to get about 5-6 days without chipping, which is really good! And it applied really well (probably the best out of the Formula X polishes that I've tried). I'm already looking forward to painting my nails this again!

I love neutral colors and I can definitely see myself buying the full size of this soon!

Have you tried Formula X polishes? What's your favorite color?

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