Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Rocket Mascara--Revisted

Hey guys!

I've been crazy with getting lessons together for teaching and bouts with the stomach flu.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I decided that I wanted to retry Maybelline's The Rocket mascara.

Looking back to last year, I had pretty mixed reviews about this stuff. I thought that it was hard to remove, and not that amazing.

Fast forward a year, and now I must admit, that I really love this mascara. It might not be quite as good as the Jordana Best Lash Extreme or Benefit They're Real!, but I think it's pretty good without a doubt.

A couple of things that I really love about it:

-It cleanly defines my lashes while adding volume (Jordana definitely doesn't do that).

-It's not as hard to remove as I remember

-Holds a curl really good

-Doesn't clump easily

-Adorable packaging

-Adds a little bit of length with the volume

-Amazing for lower lashes

Overall, I think this is one of my favorite mascaras. There's nothing I really hate about it. I even would say that I like it more than Maybelline's Cat Eyes and Cover Girl Clump Crusher, both of which I really like. I must say though, that I prefer this the first week after opening. After that, it can be a little too dry for my taste.

Have you ever revisited old products and found out that you love them? Have you tried The Rocket?


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