Thursday, February 21, 2013

There Seems to be a Pattern...

It’s funny how when you love something, you buy thing that have the same characteristics, sometimes without even noticing it, sometimes, fully aware of the similarities. Usually for me, it’s Vera Bradley or dots, or lace, or something along those lines.
Well, on a trip to Kohl’s today, I picked up this super cute tank top. I love flowy tops, but it was the pattern of this one that instantly caught me eyes. Yep! Those are in fact Scottie dogs. And little red hearts. And Scottie dogs with hearts attached to their collars. I knew I had to have it. 

When I got it home and laid it out, I instantly noticed that it looked pretty similar to something else that I absolutely love.... 
My fleece Scottie dog blanket! I love Scottie dogs, and I especially like one that are red or black or have some sort of hearts or polka dots. 

I think it would be such a cool idea for HGTV to do a decorating show based on the things people have in their closets. I would watch it. 

Anyway, do you notice themes of things you love? Like Scottie dogs? 

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