Friday, May 31, 2013

First Impressions of Suave Moroccan Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi everyone!

If there’s one thing I can say with all certainty, is that I’m a complete sucker for new hair products. I always have been (one of my earliest memories is that of me telling my grandma that I got all A’s on my report card in like second grade, and to reward me, she offered to buy me anything in Walgreens-I love Walgreens. So I bought a Rusk Shampoo, my first salon shampoo).

So recently I picked up Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion shampoo and conditioner at Walgreens (I really do love Walgreens). I’d been eyeing this for awhile mostly because it says it has Moroccan argan oil in it. Now, if you should know one thing about me, it’s that the original Moroccanoil (the light blue bottle that costs like $40 a pop), is my holy grail hair product. I love the smell of it (if there were a perfume, I would be all over it), and pretty much it’s the only product that allows me not to have to wash my hair and then sleep on it to make it less poofy. The one product. I cherish this stuff.

So it’s kinda understandable that I’m going to compare this shampoo and conditioner to Moroccanoil, especially since they state right on the packaging that this is comparable to the shine it gives.

Since this is a first impressions post, this is based off of one use. As with most hair products, I think you really start to see how good it is after the first few uses, when your hair is new to the product. I’ll let you know of my long-term thoughts, but right now this is based off the first use.

First off, the scent. Is it like my holy grail product? Not really sadly. While the original Moroccanoil smells heavenlylike vanilla and musk, this is just most musk. I don’t find it super offending, but I wouldn’t wear it as a perfume. It’s a lot like a cheap cologne. Not entirely bad, but if you dislike it, you probably won’t be able to stand it. It’s pretty strong, something that I sorta like, because it did linger in my hair. It filled my bathroom with its scent, which I personally enjoyed.

Speaking of using it, the shampoo suds up extremely well. Like, I used way too much and had an explosion of suds on my head. So if you really like a nice, big lather, you will like this shampoo.

The conditioner isn’t as heavy as I’d thought it could be, but just to be safe I only put it from the ears down to avoid excess oil on my roots.

When it came to styling, I purposely avoided all additional products except for my Not Your Mother’s Knotty to Nice Detangling spray. I used a hair dryer on my hair and instantly noticed that it seemed softer and shinier than it does with my S Factor Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner (which, I’d like to add, are over $45 more expensive).

The next morning after washing my hair, I noticed the biggest difference. My hair was smooth, glossy, frizz free, and straight. So instead of curling my hair, I just took my flat iron and straightened it out a bit. And basically had a great hair day. I did have a little static in my hair, but it’s probably because of lack of humidity (less than 10%) and the wind.

And as of day 2, my hair is definitely not too oily.

So I’m pretty impressed. Especially for the price. I’ll let you know if my opinions change at all, but this might become my favorite shampoo and conditioner.

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