Friday, January 17, 2014

High Five for Friday

I've literally haven't done this in forever, but I thought it would be fun since this will be the end of my first full week of student teaching (did I mention how excited I am to sleep in this weekend?).

1. To my shock my cooperating teacher asked me to teach this week. I know that might sound a little strange, but I didn't expect to start teaching for another week. So I've taught social studies (mostly maps and geography) all week and survived. And starting Monday I teach social studies and math, which is kind of scary.

2. Finding new combinations for my teacher clothes. It's kind of hard, but I love wearing some old favorites like my chunky mint sweater (so warm) and my Scottie dog tank (everything I love in one shirt).


3. Celebrating my 4.0 GPA from last semester(!!!!!!!!) with my family at my all-time favorite restaurant. See, while I was not blogging last semester I was doing something productive at least haha. I was so full after dinner!!

4. My little shopping spree I went on. I needed that big time.

5. This is definitely a bittersweet thing, but I'm relieved that my guinea pig, Ruffles doesn't have to endure any more pain. Sadly this week she passed away. Over the last couple of weeks I could definitely see a decline in her health and it broke my heart to see her not like herself. I miss her terribly already (guinea pigs are seriously the best). But I'll never ever forget the amazing three years she spent with us after being a rescue guinea pig.

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