Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Student Teaching Wardrobe Staples

Well today is the day.

For first day with students for my student teaching! I'm excited and so nervous!

If you are a fellow education major or student teacher or even teacher, you might know how hard the transition from dressing like a college student to dressing like a teacher can be. And expensive!

Being in a sorority definitely helped a lot since our meetings were usually business casual, but I was kind of surprised last semester in my practicum (where I was in the classroom 2 days a week and taking classes on my college campus the other two days) just how hard it is dressing like a teacher! I don't mean that in an "it's so hard to dress classy" sort of way. I meant it's hard to have clothes that work for your life outside the elementary classroom and for the rest of your life. Because as a college student, money is hard to come buy. Especially right now for me with less than $20 in my bank account.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of my teaching staples with you. These are things I relied on heavily last semester and things I pretty much assume will be super important to me again this semester student teaching.

The Diva Pants, Essie Chinchilly, Portofino shirt, Mossimo Flats, Pink V-Neck, Infinity Scarf, Vera Bradley Tote

Old Navy The Diva Skinny Ankle Pants

So I'm only 4 foot 11, which means that the only things more impossible than finding jeans to fit, is trying to find dress pants. I don't think people truly realize how frustrating shopping for dress pants is for shorter people. I mean, petites don't even fit me, with the pants legs pretty much sweeping the floor. But when I found these pants from Old Navy, I pretty much rejoiced. First of all, they are skinny leg. Which if you didn't know, skinny leg is great for girls that are short because I think it lengthens the leg, and can be rolled up to look cute, and can even be altered easier. Plus they don't look like monsters attached to your legs are trying to eat your feet. These pants are great, pretty affordable, and come in a ton of different colors and prints. They look adorable with flats and are great even for riding boots.

Essie Chinchilly

Always a nail polish favorite of mine, I had to include Chinchilly in this round-up of staples. Why? Because I think it's the perfect go-to nail polish for every occasion and every season. It looks classy and professional, but it's a ton more fun than a baby pink or a plain nail. It's literally the most perfect gray-purplely neutral color.

Express Portofino Shirts

If you have any reason to dress up at all, and don't own at least one of these shirts, you are seriously missing out. Thanks to a few of my sorority sisters, I found this shirt this past fall and have seriously fallen in love. Why? Because they shirts are not only super cute and fashionable, but they are also great for professional settings. They come in a million different colors and prints, and while they are a little pricey, they usually are offered Buy One Get One 50% off. Some are a little see through (the lighter colors), so for those you'll want to wear a tank and probably a cardigan over (which is super cute!). They are super cute with the Old Navy pants and riding boots. It's a staple outfit for me for teaching.

Mossimo Ona Flats

If the pants issue wasn't already frustrating enough, I have tiny feet. In fact, most of my shoes are from the children's section. So you can imagine how hard it is to find teaching appropriate shoes that are also comfy. But I finally found them in this flat. I love my leopard flats and hope to get more in the future. Plus they are really affordable too.

Victoria's Secret Pink Essential V-Neck

You might be scratching your head at this one, but one of my favorite outfits to wear for teaching involves these tees. First, they are super comfy and come in a million colors. Second, they look absolutely amazing with an infinity scarf and a cardigan. It's amazing how this combination of tee, scarf, and cardigan look like you worked all morning on an outfit when it really only took five minutes. The Target Boyfriend tees are also great too.

Cute Infinity Scarves

The best advice I can give student teachers is to invest in a ton of infinity scarves. Buy plain ones, floral ones, polka dot ones, animal print ones, and at least one in every color. I'm serious. Because not only do these instantly elevate an outfit from boring to amazing, but they also make tops like the Pink V-necks appropriate in a school setting. I think this one from Nordstrom's is adorable! If I can recommend one though, I'd say you for sure need a black one. I seriously can wear mine at least once a week.

Cute Teaching Tote

Of course I had to include a Vera Bradley tote. I think it's really important to have a cute teacher tote bag to carry notebooks, your lunch, and whatever other necessities you have. I have two of these Vera totes and love them a lot. I choose this smaller version rather than the big Vera style because I'm shorter and the big one looks like it's trying to eat me. I also like that this one is more affordable, especially if you hit big sales on clearance ones.

What are your favorite clothes to wear when you need to be a bit more dressy?

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