Friday, March 28, 2014

The Guide to Oily Skin

Hey guys!

When I first started using makeup, there was always one question I was faced with that seemed really daunting: do I have oily or dry skin?

For people that have been using make up, this might seem like a silly question. But when you are new to things, it can be really hard, since this is usually a question that only you would know.

It really helps when you do know the answer, because it can help you pick the right kinds of makeup and skincare product for you.

I thought that maybe I could help out a little.

Signs of Oily Skin:

-You notice shinny spots on your skin: especially on your forehead, nose, and chin.

-You feel like you need to wash your face several times a day.

-You often get pimples

-You have an oily scalp: meaning you wash your hair or need to use dry shampoo often.

-You feel your makeup sliding around your face during the day.

A quick way to tell if you suffer from oily skin: buy a pack of oil blotting sheets (my favorite are the Deep Clean ones by Neutrogena). Press a sheet against your skin. If you turn the paper into something that looks like the picture below: you've got oily skin.

A few tips for people with oily skin:

-Even though you might not want to, moisturize! Skin becomes oilier the more it dries out. I like the First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream.

-Choose face products that say they are oil free and mattifying. I like It Cosmetics CC Cream and the Smashbox Photo Finish Light primer.

-A good powder is your best friend. I love MAC's Studio Fix Plus.

-Finding a good cleanser that cleans deep into pores is super important. I love the Neutrogena Clear Pore and First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser.

-Blotting sheets like the Deep Clean ones above, are so helpful!

-When all else fails, Urban Decay's DeSlick spray literally works miracles.

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