Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Drugstore Surprise

A few weeks ago, I encountered a makeup catastrophe.

My MAC Technakohl eyeliner had experienced a painful death (pretty much it wouldn’t twist up and the liner would just crumble into a big dramatic black blob). Unfortunately, the nearest MAC counter is almost an hour away. And while I usually consider the $15 liner reasonable, the cost of gas to buy said liner, would just be too ridiculous.

So I was left eyeliner-less. I raked my brain, trying to remember what my favorite beauty gurus on Youtube and on beauty blogs said were their favorite drugstore eyeliners. A lot of them really like felt tips, liquid and gel liners, which all look amazing. But I really just like mechanical pencil liners. And I looked around Target and just didn’t see anything that looked very good. And when I did, every other girl in my college town did, and it was sold out.

So then I remembered a recent tutorial that my favorite Youtuber (Dacey Couture) did that involved Physician’s Formula eyeliner. She didn’t give a review on it, but it looked really nice and I like that Physician’s Formula is natural and cruelty free. And when I looked at Target I was drawn to the brown eye trio. I have green eyes! Why the brown eye one? Because it came with both brown and black (plus purple, but that wasn’t a selling point) all for $10. And they are mechanical.

I went for it. And I’m so glad I did!

What I Love:

·         Cruelty Free

·         Mechanical

·         Natural

·         I got three for only $10

·         They glide on so smoothly and easily

·         They have great staying-power (like 8 to 10 hours)

·         Can smudge for a softer look

·         Comes with a sharpener too, if you want a more precise clean line.

·         Rich color

Pretty amazing! It’s literally just like my MAC Technakohl liner. It doesn’t have quite the same staying power (the MAC version can stay even after using the most powerful waterproof makeup remover), and it’s not quite as deep color. But since you get three liners for $5 less, it’s pretty much worth it.

I loved it so much, that I when I saw the Nude Trio at Walmart recently, I purchased it too!
Aren't these just the prettiest colors? It has a black (always good to have a back-up!), a brown called Pewter, and a champagn color. So lovely and natural!

So have you found any drugstore makeup that has surprised you? Or any that has surpassed your high-end favorites?

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