Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Need It!

Being as Vera Bradley obsessed as I am, you are probably wondering why I failed to talk about the three new prints that just came out this past week. Even though their release wasn’t mentioned on my blog, don’t doubt that I wasn’t completely overcome with joy over them. I know a lot of people (especially college-aged girls) aren’t huge fans of the three new prints : Provencal, Portobello Road, and Canyon. But I must say…I’m completely in love with Provencal. I actually have been since this past spring during the spring preview when I just so happened to wander into a Vera Bradley store one of the weekends they had them all on display. Say what you want about how they aren’t young or peppy or punchy or cute, but that just means that when my birthday rolls around later this month, they’ll be in stock. See, that’s looking at the brightside.
{You can bet that this beauty will be on my birthday list!}
If you’ve paid attention to past posts, I have identified Happy Snails and Poppy Fields as my two favorite prints. However, I think Provencal might make a run for the top spot. It’s just so bright and happy, but at the same time, it’s not in your face like Va Va Bloom. Which, I like Va Va Bloom. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s just not me.
Until this point, I’d say my “signature” Vera Bradley print has been Happy Snails. I mean, I do have a purse, wallet, backpack, pencil case, shower caddy, magazine holders, and last year’s agenda in it. (Quite obsessed, huh?) But there’s something that just makes me so happy looking at Provencal….

 Do you have a favorite Vera print? What are your thoughts on these three late fall prints? Too mature? Too muted? Any direction you hope Vera Bradley goes in the future?

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