Thursday, September 6, 2012

Current Nail Obsessions

I love nail polish and I have some new favorites that I wanted to share! I've picked up some polish recently that I just love! They are all so pretty!

The first two I purchased are from L'Oreal. On a trip to Walmart, I was totally drawn to their girly pretty look.


Charmed, I'm Sure
I abolutely love this color. I like to think of it as sort of a rose gold and bronze color. It has some shimmer in it too. I absolutely love it.


Versailles Romance
This color reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm (I've been debating about getting that polish forever!), just a lot cheaper. It's a peachy pink color with a tad bit of gold shimmer. So pretty and girly. As you can see, I was totally drawn to the feminine colors!

This next polish was one I discovered through a sorority sister of mine. One night after dinner, she started painting her nails. Now, I'm not usually drawn to Tiffany blue, but this looked absolutely beautiful on her nails. So I asked her where she got it, and instantly went to Sally Beauty Supply.


Finger Paints' Tiffany Imposter
This is such a fun and pretty color. It's currently on my nails right now, and I'm loving it. To be honest, I've never used Finger Paints before, but I'm super impressed with the polish. It dries fast and good, and I think it's super easy to use. Plus, this color is absolutely beautiful!
My last nail obsession isn't a polish, but I think it's my new favorite nail related item.

It's Equate's Regular Nail Polish Remover!


So there's nothing I hate more than taking nail polish off. It's just messy, drying, yucky, and awful. But with this new little guy, it's a lot more fun and easy! Basically, inside this little container is a giant sponge with three slits in it. You just stick a finger into one of those slits and then twist it around, and your nail polish comes off! Like, it takes literally less than 10 seconds a nail. And you don't have to deal with cotten rounds sticking to your nail and leaving residue or anything like that. And because this is just the Walmart brand, it was less than $2!! I can't believe it.

What are some of your current favorite nail polishes? Have you ever tried nail polish removers like this one? Any thoughts?

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