Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A New Mascara in Town

Hey everyone!!

Sorry for the week or so absence. Sorority recruitment has consumed my time the past week and half, but last night was bid night (yay!! Welcome home 27 new girls!) and that hopefully means that my life will slow down a bit. Doubtful, but I can dream, right?

So in this time where I've beaded over 25 necklaces by hand and made five recruitment boards, I've had some time to find some beauty steals...from the drugstore! Some that I love so much, they are currently beating out some of my favorite higher end ones!

First up, is mascara. I was watching a mascara favorites video on Youtube and heard one of my favorite beauty gurus discuss ELF's Mineral Infused Mascara. Then I went to Target for a bunch of other stuff, and of course, I couldn't go to Target without scouring the makeup section. And I remembered her rave reviews and of course was tempted because of the $3 pricetag. So I went for it.

As I've talked about previously, I'm completely obsessed with Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara. But not so much in love with the $19 price.

I honestly wasn't expecting much from the ELF mascara. I mean, it's $3. And I have no clue what mineral infused mascara is supposed to do. According to the packaging, it says:

-Mineral Infused Mascara creates fuller, healthier looking lashes

-Enhances lashes for a naturally thicker and more volumized look.

-The long wear formula and unique silicon brush creates clump free and defined lashes that last all day.

Boy, I was surprised after using it. Because, it looks fantastic! It's a drier formula, which I love. It reallydoesn't clump. It defines lashes beautifully, just as well as my Tarte mascara. Has great staying power for a non-waterproof variety. And yeah, the price can't be beat.

My only complaint with it is the fact that  the brush feels a tad flimsy. Either the stopper is too...small, or the brush isn't made the best, or both. But it's really a small complaint.

So I think that was a pretty successful drugstore makeup find!

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