Saturday, July 27, 2013

What I Wish I Knew: My Freshman Year of College

Hi guys!

I know it’s still early in the summer, but if you are an incoming college freshman, and super excited like I was, you are more than likely halfway done shopping for dorm stuff, have your classes picked out, and are counting down the seconds until you arrive on campus. I was kind of excited to say the least.

Anyway, as I’m sitting here, the summer before my senior year of college, and before my very last semester on my college campus, I thought it would be kinda fun to write things that I wish I knew before I went to college. Sorta like a letter to the 18 year old version of myself. Hopefully this also helps those of you who are about to start your journeys at college.

These are things that I would tell the 18 year old/freshman in college version of myself:

1. Don’t freak out about everything. It’ll all get figured out, whether you freak out or not.

2. Organization is so important! Keep calendars, agendas, and lists of upcoming assignments (way too many times I was caught with forgotten assignment or test due the next day).

3. Organization is also really important to actually fit all your junk in your dorm room.

4. Lining your desk and dresser drawers may sound unimportant, but they really make your life more colorful. Especially when you use cupcake wrapping paper.

5. Coupons are a college student’s best friend. Get coupons for places that aren't even super college related like Bath and Body Works.

6. Forget hoodies and yoga pants. Be that girl in your 9 am Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays that wears sundresses and cute outfits with hair and makeup done. College is not an excuse for barely getting dressed.

7. Dress up to make yourself happy, no one else.

8. Painted nails instantly make you feel put together, even when everything else is a mess.

9. There will be plenty of times you’ll want to kill your roommate.

10. Make friends everywhere you can. In classes, on your floor, in other buildings (how else will you figure out where to live for your sophomore year).

11. There’s no better way to meet people and feel involved than joining Greek Life.

12. Don’t worry about college boys, first kisses, or going on dates. What’s meant to be will be.

13. As you walk to class, take in the fall the colors of the trees. In the spring take in the bright yellow daffodils.

14. Live on both sides of campus! Especially central campus! They aren’t as weird as people say!

15. Go to Tobey-Kendel for Panini day.

16. Study in common spaces! It’s the only way to focus. And meet people!

17. Online classes suck. End of story.

18. Spend money on bedding. It’s the biggest impact in the room and it’s your way to cocoon from the world.

19. Take pictures of everything! You’ll one day wonder what you room looked like, what your roommates looked like, and how long your hair is.

20. No matter how tempting it is, 9:30 AM and 3:45 Tuesday Thursday classes are never fun. Don’t do it.

21. And no matter how annoying your hair is, don’t trim it! Your 21 year old version of yourself will wish you hadn’t.
22. As tempting as it is, you don't need to buy every random dorm item Target and Bed Bath and Beyond advertise.

23. Plan in advance what you want to wear to sorority recruitment. Wear cute sandals, spend time on your makeup, and let your personality shine. Also write down a backup list of questions to ask the sororities when things get awkward.

24. Rent your textbooks. Just do it. You won't get a dime back when you try to resell your textbooks.

25. Studying at the library is the best place to actually focus.

26. When it's snowing outside, wear waterproof mascara, especially when you are walking across campus.

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