Friday, August 31, 2012

August Favorites

Hope everyone that is in school or college is having a great first couple weeks (or week, like me)! I know mine has been super busy with classes and sorority stuff, but that's just how it goes sometimes!

So I thought that I'd take a break and share some of my August favorites right now!

I just want to mention that this is by no means a "fall favorites." It just so happens though, that a lot of the items are fall related, mostly because I love fall. And I got a lot of it for back to school.

Candy Corn Pocketbac

So I kinda bought this stuff from Bath and Body Works on a whim. See, I had a coupon for a free signature body care item of my choosing if I spent $10. So since I was already spending like $5 on some handsoap I needed for school, I decided to stock up on some of the cute fall and Halloween pocketbacs. Candy Corn is the first one I’ve tried and so far I’m in love! It smells maybe a tad more caramel than you’d expect, but it’s so yummy smelling! I definitely recommend it!


Skunk Scentportable

He might seem a tad random, but this skunk Scentportable holder is one of my favorite things I bought from the back to school shopping trip to Bath and Body Works. See, it’s kind of a running joke with my family since we have two skunks that have been pretty much calling our backyard their home all summer. So, when I went to college, I wanted something to remember them. Plus, I think it’s super adorable! It’s currently living on my sunvisor in my car, and I absolutely adore it!



Even though I showed the candles, I picked up the scents in Wallflower and Scentportable form. Right now, leaves resides in my car, and it seriously makes me so happy. It’s this refreshing, but cozy, cinnamon apple smell (not what I expected, but that’s good!). Every time I drive someone in my car, they always comment on how good it smells. And I have to agree. After just having it two days in my car, I went right out and brought another to stock up!


Pumpkin Cupcake

When I smelled this in Bath and Body Works earlier in August, I instantly fell in love with this cozy sweet fall scent. It’s like, spending time in the most amazing bakery ever. I love the pumpkin, I love the sweetness, and it instantly makes me want to wear sweaters and drink hot chocolate! Like leaves, I have gotten so many exclamations of how great my room smells with it! This is something I also stocked up on after trying it out!


Baby Lips Tinted Moisturizer in Cherry Me

I held out for the longest time with this. But I finally gave in and bought it…and fell in love. It feels awesome on my lips, which is sort of rare because I hate the feeling of lipgloss or anything on my lips. I like the little pop of color too. Perfect for a busy college girl’s morning!


Philosophy’s I Love Candy Corn Cleanser

This was one of my most anticipated back to college purchases! And it’s so worth it! As you’ve noticed already, fall smells are my weakness. Actually, fall ANYTHING is my weakness. And this Candy Corn scent is perfect. It’s sweet, has lots of caramel in it, and makes me want Halloween! The smell just engulfs the room when I shower and has a really good staying power on my skin. Definitely a great purchase! Plus, I love how Philosophy’s cleansers leave my skin soft, smooth, and most importantly: itch free!


Lilly Pulitzer’s Soft Cover Agenda in Multi Floral Punch

Yep, with the start of school, it’s finally time for me to use this adorable planner! And I honestly, couldn’t ask for more! I love the lines and spaces to write. The illustrations and pictures and quotes just brighten my day! It’s so pretty and cute! Definitely my favorite school supply that I bought. I must say, I think I’m now a true convert from Vera Bradley Agendas to Lilly Pulitzer.

So what were some of your August favorites? Let me know!

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