Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Lusts

Hi again!

I thought once again I’d share some things that I’m lusting over this month. For me, I always find it really fun to have things that I’m excited about or striving to get, even if I never get them (ugh NARS Deepthroat blush haha). So here is a bunch of things that I’ve been eyeing this month!

1.      Old Navy Bird Scarf

On a recent trip to Old Navy, this scarf instantly caught my attention. The floral and the birds in the print are so cute and perfect for spring. I can’t decide though between the neutral gray one or this beautiful, striking blue version. Ugh, the choices!

2.     Bath and Body Works Lilac Blossom Candle

One of my all-time favorite scents, I’m definitely looking forward to getting the candle version of this. Nothing screams spring more to me, than lilacs (seriously, when I have a house, my backyard will have these bushes all over them!

3.     Bath and Body Works Wild Peach Poppies Shower Gel

There is something about poppies that instantly makes me happy. I just love those flowers, so it makes sense this shower gel caught my eye. This scent is like the perfect combination of fruity and flowery, so hopefully soon I can get my hands on this!

4.    Vera Bradley Turn Lock Wallet in “Go Wild”

My best friend in the entire world gave me a $10 gift card for Valentine’s Day for Vera, and when I saw this wallet the other day, I was very tempted to get it. I don’t own anything in Go Wild yet, but I love how this print is neutral, but super fun with the subtle leopard spots. So cute!

5.     Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

This was featured in last month’s lusts, and I’m still lusting away. What’s keeping me from buying this is definitely the price tag. It’s a little steep. But like I’ve said before, I’m in the process of trying to grow my hair out, so maybe that will help me finally just buy it. I’ve never smelled this product, but I just imagine it smelling amazing. If you have tried it, let me know if you’d recommend it!!

6.    NARS Deepthroat Blush

This blush is a given on my monthly lust posts. I’ve been lusting over this since last summer, and I’ve still yet to buy it.

7.    Old Navy Eyelet Dress

Old Navy’s spring stuff is just so cute! This dress caught my eye both online and in store. It’s super cute! I tried it on and everything, but couldn’t decide whether I wanted to make it mine or not. I love sundresses, and this is perfect for spring.

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