Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Haul!

Hi everyone!

A few days ago I went shopping and picked up some fun spring things that I would like to share with you! I don’t know about you, but I love shopping when the weather is nice. It just has such a happy feeling to it!

The first thing I picked up at my college's bookstore. I'd been eyeing these guys since they came out awhile back, but I couldn't justify spending the $11 on highlighters. However, this week I dediced I needed some nice spring highlighters, so I went for it. I absolutly love the ones in Go Wild, Jazzy Blooms, and Midnight Blues!

Later, I went to Victoria's Secret, which is always a huge downfall for me. I love that place so much. Recently, I heard some beauty guru talking about Vanilla Lace, which is a scent that I used to wear like back in early high school. Deciding that I wanted to try out something new, I bought the shower gel in it. What I didn't realize until I bought it, is that is smells so much like Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath and Body Works! Maybe that's why I liked it? But as I've mentioned before, I'm loving sweet smells,. and this is totally perfect! Plus, is it just me, or does Victoria's Secret shower gels leave a stronger scent behind that BBW?
Also at Victoria's Secret, I decided to buy a couple more of my favorite things in the entire world: their V-neck t-shirts. I love love love these guys. Not only are they super soft and comfy, but they always come in great colors (brights, neons, pale blushes, and essential colors like black). I can't say enough great things about them. I love layering them under a cardi and with a scarf, for a simple cute outfit. I'd been wanting a black one really bad, so I picked up that and since they are 2 for $30 (hopefully it bothers other people that two months ago these were 2 for $28 like it does me), I also got a pretty mint green one. Both are perfect for spring! 
And since Bath and Body Works was next door, I couldn't stop myself. The first thing I saw when I walked in was this adorable plug in for Wallflowers. Seriously, how cute is this guy? Now I know it's probably meant to be daisies, but I told myself they are daffodils (which are my favorite flower), so that meant I had to get it for my room at school to ring in spring. Seriously, see that bow? And the yellow? So cute.
Also while I was there, I was totally sucked into the 2 for $22 candle sale. My logic was that at home for spring break I'd want some nice fresh, spring smells for my room. So I picked up First Bloom, which has the cutest packaging ever, I might add. It's description says, "This fragrant blend of peony, apple blossom, and plumeria captures the essence of the very first blooms of the season." It is one of the true spring smells for me (next to lilac, which is my all time favorite. I'd say the description is pretty much what it smells like: very flowery, kinda perfume-y, and I can must definitely smell the apple in there. I'm a sucker also for floral scents, especially roses, which this is kinda like.
The second candle I got was of course, Frosted Cupcake. I've been obsessed with cupcakes, and I thought I should invest in a candle to make my room smell like one. The description says, "A true food-lover's deligh-fresh vanilla been, sugar, cake batter, and rich buttercream frosting mix it up and create an irresistable scent." It smells truly like the best bakery ever. I love it!
What's funny, is the reason I actually went shopping in the first place was this dress. See, a couple weeks ago when I was in Dallas for my sorority's District Day, I tried this on at a Macy's for fun. I loved the color, the lace, and how it fit, but I wasn't completely sold. Fast forward two weeks, and I wanted it bad (mostly because I had pointed it out to my boyfriend who said it would look beautiful on me, and then I decided I needed it). So thankfully the Macy's closest to me had it still in my size, so I did it. It's the perfect spring dress. I just picture it looking lovely with wavy curls in my hair and my riding boots (or maybe my gold flip flops depdending on the weather and whether my toes are painted it or haha). I have an obsession with lace dresses. If it weren't already obvious.
Then the next day when I was hanging out with my boyfriend, we stopped at another Macy's. This one has a MAC counter in it, so of course I had to pay it a visit (seeing as how the nearest MAC counter to my college is 30 minutes away). So I picked up my absolutely favorite: Techna Kohl liner in Graphblack. And after using it, I remembered why I love it so much! It's so rich and creamy. It doesn't take any pressure to create a dark line. And it stays! It doesn't change to being a gray color like the Physican's Forumla liner I'd been using for about the last five months. It's simply amazing!

By the way, how amazing is my boyfriend? He knew I wanted to visit the MAC counter so bad, and even though he despises makeup (especially MAC because he thinks it's too expensive), he led me to Macy's, and patiently waited as I swatched eyeshadows and blushes. He didn't even complain a bit! Seriously, I'm so lucky to have him. Plus, he surprised me with breakfast the next morning! Boyfriend of the year without a doubt.

What spring things are you tempted to buy? Do you notice yourself shopping more when the weather is nice?

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