Monday, March 11, 2013

Senior Year Apartment

Hi guys!

I don’t know about most colleges, but at my school, the time to decide where to live for next year has come and past. It seems like the rush for housing seems to come earlier and earlier.

Anyway, I love planning what my room will look like. As you probably already know from previous posts, I love trying to come up with new fresh looks for my dorm rooms. It’s something like a fresh slate that always gets me super excited!

For next year, my living situation will be much different than years past. Next year I will be living off campus in an apartment with one of my littles! I’m super excited for this change! Seeing as how it will be my last semester at my college campus (I’ll be student teaching next spring, hopefully in my hometown), this will be a great transition into adulthood. The other things about this that I can’t wait for: my own bedroom and bathroom! Guys, this will be the first time in my life that I’ll have both!

So you can imagine my excitement!

Another reason I’m really excited: that means I have lots of planning and decorating to do! While it’s still early on, here are some things I’m hoping to see in my future space! Here are some things that are bringing me inspiration for next year:

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