Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School...Bath and Body Works Style!

Hey everyone! The days are counting down until I go back! Only 13 days! That's less than two weeks!!

Anyway, I'm steadily buying more necessities for going back to college! Now, I think I'm probably in a small number here, but Bath and Body Works is always one of the places that I must go for my college shopping. I'm sure you're probably thinking that I am insane. Why is that one of my must-have back to school places?

First, I love their wallflowers. And if you have been in very many dorms, you know that they are kinda smelly. Even if you don't have rotten food, lots of trash, and dirty clothes everywhere. So in my book, they are a complete must-have. I like their wallflowers (essentially plug-ins) because they are have the best selection of scents, in my opinion. From the ones I picked up (ahhh I can't wait to show you them!) to their Christmas, they are the very best. Plus, from my two years of experience, they last the longest, are the strongest, and they are the cutest (the bulbs are often coverd in little like snowflakes for Christmas time, leaves for fall, etc. And the plug in portion comes plain, like a flower, or in special season themed shapes like pumpkins, ladybugs, or Christmas trees).

So for my back to college collection, I picked up a plain white plug-in (they do have all sorts of shapes and colors. They also have ones with nightlights, which work fantastic for bathrooms or vanity areas!) along with three bulbs for $20. Of course, I was so excited and happy to see that they were getting in their fall scents, which are without a doubt, my favorites! I had such a hard time deciding, but I opted for Leaves, Marshmallow Fireside, and Pumpkin Cupcake (seriously, go out and smell this! It's amazing!).

Since I just couldn't resist all those amazing fall scents, I also picked up some for my car!

I love their scentportables! Not only do they have adorable little holders, but once again, those scents are just my favorite! Currently I have a ladybug in my car, but I decided to switch it up with this cute little skunk holder. Isn't he cute? I also picked up three of the refills in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Leaves, and Marshmallow Fireside. I can't wait for my car to smell like fall! Of course Bath and Body Works had a deal on these too: it was buy 3 and get 1 free.

I also stocked up on a few other college must-haves: a loofa, mini lotion, and a Pocket Bac

I personally love loofas for showering, and I know they harbor all sorts of germs and things, but I used the one I bought before school last summer, all year. By far, Bath and Body Works has my favorite ones. The Pocket Bac I got is in Pink Daisy (I mostly got it because I liked the ladybug) and the mini lotion in Country Chic (my favorite year-round scent!) are staples for my backpack!

I know that this school year I don't want to visit the health center as often (five times last year! Compared to zero my freshman year!), so having the Pocket Bac is perfect after being in class.

So I know that wasn't your sterotypical college shopping trip, but I tell you, these things are a must! Or at least are fun to have! you love the fall scents as much as I do? What are some of your shower must-haves for college?

Thanks for reading!

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