Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday High Five

So sorry that this is coming Friday night!

1.) Tomorrow I take my first trip out of the state of Colorado. Yes, I know. I'm almost 21 and I've never left the state. Kinda sad. But tomorrow I'm going down to Santa Fe to help my brother move back to Colorado, so it should be fun! I can't wait.

2.) Today marks the first day of the Parade of Homes. I love interior design (as you all should know) and architecture, so it's always a highlight of my summer for me!

3.) Since August officially started on Wednesday, it also marks the time when my family deems it "back to school shopping time." Already I've picked up some fun stuff that I can't wait to use (and can't wait to blog about here in the coming days. I love picking out stuff, even as simple as shampoo for back to college. It's a total fresh start that I absolutely love.

4.) Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes! A few weeks ago I cashed in my Sephora Beauty Insider Points (or whatever it's called) for a sample size of this mascara. Well, I forgot about it. However, earlier this week, I tried it out, and I fell in love. I've used it every day since, and I can say with certainty, that it's my new mascara love. I'll have a full review of it coming soon too!

 Funny moment today at Ulta as I was buying my full size edition. This lady walks up (she was just a fellow customer too) and tells me how Tarte is the BEST makeup brand. She then shows my mom and me every product that she owns, uses, and loves. But I'm glad that she has found stuff that works and I definitely want to try out more of their products!

5.) Having my bangs trimmed! Seriously, I didn't realize just how long my bangs had been.

Hope you all had a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!

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