Tuesday, August 7, 2012

College Backpack Essentials!

Hey everyone!

I thought that I'd share some of my backpack (or bag if you roll that way) essentials for the the college girl. With all the excitment and hype over dorm room decorating, a lot of times, the academic portion of college is overlooked. We all know that college is based around going to class, reading books, and taking tests, but it's easy to not even think about the things that make up your backpack.

Of course, the contents of your bag usually depend on what classes you're taking, if your classes are spread out or back to back, and other factors, but this is a list of some things that I know I always carry, and things that I consider to be absolutely lifesavers.

First of all, you need a backpack or a bag! Now in high school I solely used totes for school. I liked that they were girly and cute and could be changed out so easily. However, in college, I prefer backpacks because they make walking (especially up hills) so much easier, plus you can carry more in them.

Some of my favorite backpacks and bags:

First, there's no surprise that my backpack of choice for college is the Vera Bradley laptop backpack. Mine is in Happy Snails (my all time favorite pattern, even though I don't think I've ever blogged about it), and I actually have another in Symphony in Hue from my freshman year.  Out of all the backpacks I've ever used, this is my absolute favorite!

{Looking at Happy Snails just makes me...happy!}
Why? First of all, I love the large front pocket. It's where I keep my little odds and ends. The middle pocket is perfect for your class essentials, and it even has a side entry spot for your laptop! Yes, they are pretty steep at $109, but they are definitely made well.

Other great options that I love:

Isn't this backpack absolutely adorable? I love the floral pattern, the leather details, the cute shape, and the price ($35). The problem I see, is that if you have classes that require heavy textbooks, I don't know if this backpack can withstand all that abuse.

Another great, inexpensive option! Once again the navy and the floral are absolutely perfect together. I love the cute little tassel/ribbons on the zippers too. Playing this backpack in person, I noticed it has fantastic storage. It has one large zippered area, a medium sized oned, and two small. Perfect for being organized.  

If you're a tote bag kinda girl, you can't pass up the Vera....

{The Vera in Poppy Fields...did I mention this is my second favorite print?}
Moving on, some things that I think are essential for your backpack:

-Pencil Bag/Case for organized storage
-Pencils and Pens (I like to have a set of pens in more than like 4 colors, because color coding notes is always great)
-Hand Sanitzer
-Class Schedule (with room numbers! Super important the first few days!)
-Laptop (I don't bring my laptop to class, but it's all in preference)

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  1. I thought that I'd share some of my backpack (or bag if you roll that way) essentials for the the college girl. With all the excitment and hype over ... cbackpacksgirls.blogspot.com