Friday, August 17, 2012

High Five for Friday!

It's Friday again, so that means it's time for the High Five for Friday!

1. Tomorrow is move-in day at the sorority house! I'm a little nervous, excited, and can't believe that I'm about to start my junior year of college! Ahhh, when did I get so old!!

2. My trip to Sephora I took yesterday! I don't see how anyone could ever not like that place. I think I spent over an hour in there, messing around with all the makeup. After all that testing and playing, I picked up two things that I've been eyeing for quite some time: Philosophy's I Love Candy Corn 3-1 Cleanser and Tarte's Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer. I'm in love with the smell of the Candy Corn! If you haven't already noticed, fall scents are my weakness, and this is one of them (although it had some serious competition with the Cozy Cabin gift set, that Pumpkin Spice Late scent is AMAZING!).

{Isn’t the packaging of the Candy Corn adorable?! I can’t get over it!}

3. Fast shipping! I was so worried that the new (and super affordable) cute bedding I bought last Saturday wouldn't arrive in time before I moved. However, it came only five days after I ordered it! From Canada! Isn't that damask cute, though?! I can't wait to see it on my bed! (this bedding shows that there's been a slight change of plans in the decor of my room this fall, so stay tuned haha).

4. This dottie bin from Hobby Lobby. How adorable is this? And I got it for like $12.50, half off! This is either going to store textbooks or snacks in my room.  

5. Some new school clothes! This has been collectively building, but of all the things I've bought, this lace dress has been my favorite! I needed a black dress for sorority recruitment, and when I spotted this one, I fell in love! And because it was only $25 (for an ALL lace dress!!), I actually bought a white one too, for sorority rituals as well! This just's currently, at the time of right now, on sale for $20!! Click your way over to Target, because that is a deal!

Hope you have a great weekend! Wish me luck for moving in tomorrow! And for all of next week, which is my sorority’s work week!

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