Friday, August 10, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Hey everyone!

Hope this week has been fantastic! For me it's been pretty good! Here are my top five highlights this week!

1. Yesterday I braved crowds of thousands to see President Obama talk. It was a great experience and definitely energizing, even if I did only see just his head twice.

2. A great trip to Santa Fe last Saturday. It was a ton of fun walking around and getting to be a tourist. Plus, the restaurant we ate at was amazing!

3. I'm so excited about my Vera Bradley large duffel! That was a great deal and it's going to be so useful on weekends this school year.

{It isn't always snowy me}
4. I have just one week until I move in to my sorority house. This one is kinda bittersweet. The summer has gone by so fast, despite how long it's been (I got out on April 30th). Unlike the previous two years, the level excitement to go back isn't really there, and I'm not so sure why.

5. I get two days of seeing my boyfriend! It's been two weeks since we last saw each other, so we are long overdue. Plus, tomorrow is our 11 month (hey, it's about eleven times longer than my longest relationship haha), so that should be fun to celebrate!

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