Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My MAC Favorites

Hey everyone!

If you've checked out my daily makeup post, you probably already noticed that most of my daily makeup comes from MAC. It's my favorite makeup brand (although I don't exclusively use only MAC, because I think that's just ridiculous when there are other great products and brands out there), and I can safely say that most of their products I've purchased have blown me away. So this post is to show you what 5 products are my absolute favorites!

Satin Taupe is, without a doubt, my favorite eyeshadow in my entire collection. It's raved about all over Youtube and blogs, but I can't stress enough how pretty this color is. It can be more natural, it can be used quite dramatically. It has tremendous staying power, great pigmentation (all of my MAC shadows do too!), and blends beautifully. ($15)

Like most others, I use this flesh colored paint pot as an eyeshadow primer. I absolutely love it. In my opinion, it works much better than Urban Decay's Primer Potion. It helps my shadow stay all day, even in the hottest, sweatiest conditions (like last week when I went to the Obama Rally). I also love that when using it, the fact that is it flesh colored helps my eyeshadow look even more pigmented. Drugstore makeup looks like a $100 when it's over Painterly. I think it also helps blending shadow, which definitely makes it better than Primer Potion. This is going to be a product I repurchase over and over. ($18.50)

I held off from buying this brush so long mostly because of the price. At $23, it might seem a little steep, but I must say that I think it's entirely worth it. Out of the three brushes I have purchased from MAC, this one is my favorite, and one that I know I couldn't live without. It fits great in my crease, it lays color perfectly, it helps my look not look messy. It has washed well (I wash my brushes weekly), and it's only shed one or two hairs total in the 2+ months I've used it. ($23)

This was the very first MAC product I fell deeply in love with. The formula is creamy, but smudgeproof. The black is so pigmented. I love the fact that it doesn't require sharpening. It stays all day and even requires a tad bit of elbow work to remove at night. You can get a precise, thin line or a thicker line easily. This is the only high-end liner I've used, so I can't speak of Urban Decay or others, but I can tell you that I'm so sold on this product, that I'm never switching. ($15)

When I first started my makeup collection, I honestly had ever heard about any face product other than the Studio Fix powder foundation from MAC. But with some quick research, I found that this is one of MAC's most famous face products, and I can clearly understand why. I've used this powder as both a setting powder and a quick, natural foundation. It works great both ways. It's great for my semi-oily skin. It hasn't broke me out, it makes my skin look airbrushed and glowing. It feels great and matches my skin perfectly (thanks to my MAC counter in Dillards, with the makeup artist testing a couple out on me).  ($29)

While these are my five most favorite products from MAC, I must say that none of the things I've purchased from there have disappointed me. I'm not one of those people that only buy MAC products just because of the name or their "supposed" title as number one makeup brand. I buy their stuff because it works, I get great service both in the store and at the counter, and compared to other high-end brands, I find them actually less expensive (brands like NARS, Smashbox, Dior, Urban Decay, Tarte, and sometimes Too Faced are usually more...just do some comparison shopping).

So what are you're favorite MAC products? Any suggestions for my next investments? I was thinking about some tinted lipglass...

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