Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sorority Recruitment Fashion Inspiration


So the last post I talked all about some sorority recruitment do's and don'ts, so I was thinking today I would touch a little bit more on recruitment fashion. Now, first I must say that every college is completely different. That is entirely true. Many competitive schools in the south dress up every day, and I'm sure the clothing choices down there are much different the choices at my non-competitive college in Colorado.

However, I thought I'd share some outfits that reminded me a lot of what most of the girls wore last year when I went through recruitment. Just to let you know, at my college the first three days (Getting to Know You, House Tours, and Philathrophy/Chapter Emphasis Day) are all casual. My school's site describes attire to be "casual...nice top, jeans, and flip-flops." The fourth day of recruitment is Preference Tea, where dress is "nice attire...dresses, skirt and blouse, or pants outfit." And Bid Day is supposed to be the dressiest of all (though in my personal opinion Pref should be more your best for that night!).

For the more casual days, these are some outfits I found (via Pinterest because I am incapable of understanding how the heck Polyvore works haha).


I like the above outfit because it is simple, classy, and so pretty. I doubt it would be cold enough here to wear longsleeves, but I like the idea. One thing to take note, I wouldn't wear distressed jeans, since they don't always scream classy.
One thing that I love about this outfit is the pop of color! The sororites are going to see hundreds of girls, so try to have a statement piece in your outfit everyday! (Btw...I'm not too sure about that headband...)

Basically, Lauren Conrad always looks amazing. And this outfit is so darn cute! I know in the descriptions my school listed jeans as acceptable, my the days are so hot, the wearing a skirt is not a bad idea. Just remember, on Philanthropy Day you are probably going to partake in a craft project, so sitting on the floor is possible! (Although looking back on it, I sat on the floor everyday during the first three days, so make sure your skirt is long enough to sit on the floor without showing anything!)

So I love this. I'd wear it every day of my life if I could. Just remember, try to stay away from distressing...

As for the more dressy nights, I remember being told that sundresses are the way to go. Remember, usually sororities dress all in one color this night. My school dresses all in black, so try at all costs to avoid the color black. I've heard some colleges dress in white, so just in case, don't wear that either (however, your Rho Chis will probably warn you, so don't worry).

I know what you're thinking...this is not a sundress. However, I like it because it's a fun, fashionable outfit, but it's also somber enough for Pref Tea. At my school, it's an incredibly touching night, that usually involves lots of tears and hugs.

I love this floral dress! It's super cute!

Let me just say, anything from Spool 72 is perfect. They have absolutely perfect sundresses. 
Finally, I love this dress! The color is so beautiful (gem tones can be so flattering!).

I hope these outfits help you in your search for the perfect recruitment wardrobe. Just always keep in mind these things:

-Wear things that make you feel good! Even if it is trendy, if it doesn't feel good or look good on you, skip it.
-Remember: You are dressing to impress girls. Not guys. So don't go showing off everything or dress like your going clubbing.
-Recruitment is more about classy pieces then trendy-ness.
 -Keep in mind weather. Check the forecasts. Bring an umbrella just in case. If it's hot, skip the sweater. If it's chilly, don't wear just a tank top.

So there you have it!

Thanks for reading!!

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