Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Birthday Haul

So the Thursday before last was my birthday and it was probably one of the best of all time. I have an amazing family, friends, and sorority sisters, that's for sure! I wrapped up most of the celebrating this past weekend with my family.

On my birthday I was awoken with a delivery from my secret sis, who spoiled me with a venti caramel pumpkin spice latte and a blueberry muffin. I'm so lucky!

And I was also surprised with a flower delievery from my parents! I absolutely love the fall colors in this arrangment! It makes me so happy just looking at it!
Then on Saturday, I celebrated my birthday with my family, and it was definitely a fun time! I got a lot of awesome things, that I'll share with you guys! I'm super excited about everything that I got.
So here is everything I got. A lot, right? My family definitely spoiled me this year.
One of the first things you probably noticed in the full haul picture was my new Vera Bradley laptop backpack in Provencal! I absolutely love it! This print might not be for everyone, but it makes me so happy just looking at it, with it's bright mustard yellow! To go with it, I got a matching pencil case! Perfect for fall, right? Then I got some perfume that I've been dying for.

Then I got some perfume that I've been dying for. Sephora has an online special for Marc Jacob's Daisy, where you get a 3.4 oz of the Daisy perfume that is so popular, a rollerball of the same scent, plus one of the Eau So Fresh scent, and a lotion of the original scent. All for $88 plus free shipping, which is a steal. Just saying.

Continuing the fragrance trend, I got my all-time favorite, Country Chic from Bath and Body Works perfume. Which, I actually got for Christmas last year, but upon moving out of my dorm last May, was broken in a tragic moving accident by my dad. So I've lived the last five months without, and it was very sad. But now I have a replacement and I'm really happy.
 Another present was this Tub O' Scissors. You know, that cool craft scissors that cut cute little edges on paper? Love them! A must for any crafter or scrapbooker or sorority girl.
 A couple more gifts I recieved were these adorable scarves from Target. I used to be obsessed with scraves in high school, but in college, I always thought that they kind of got in the way. However, now I'm retrying them out, and so far so good! Plus I think they are so cute, that it's worth it.
I also got a one inch curling wand, which I was beyond excited for. See, my hair refuses to curl. Ever. But in the two times I've used this since recieving it, I've had curls. That have lasted more than 12 hours. With minimal amounts of hairspray.
A much anticipated gift I recieved was Sigma's Mr. Bunny makeup brush travel kit. Yep, I finally decided it was time for a brush set. And that it wouldn't be MAC. Kind of earth shattering, right? I'll do a full review soon, but let's just say it's positive so far!
This Vera Bradley napkin in Island Blooms might seem completely random, but this is going to turn into a sorority block letter shirt soon! I love this print so much, and it only makes sense that I should have Vera blocks since I'm so obsessed.
My mom decided that I needed some yummy little snacks up at school, so she picked me up this Peanut M&M snack mix (which is like trailmix) that has little shortbread cookies, pretzels, peanut M&Ms, and almonds in it. I've been enjoying that as I watch Gilmore Girls to relax!

Knowing how insanely obssessed I am with Bath and Body Works and their fall scents, did you really think that I wouldn't ask for something from there for my birthday? Well, I did. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to their White Barn Fall Festival (I was so excited for it too!) because of sorority recruitment, but I did hint to my mom that she could pick up some birthday presents that day during the certain times, and get the free Pumpkin Carving candle (which I DEMAND as a full line next fall).
Anyway, in order to get said free candle, my mom bought for me some fall Wallflowers: Marshmellow Fireside, Pumpkin Cupcake, Pumpkin Caramel Latte, and White Barn's No. 1 (Nutmeg and Spice). All so yummy and cozy!! Thanks Mom!!! I think she enjoyed the fall festival, just saying.
My mom also surprised me with this absolutely adorable sweater from American Eagle. I know, my iPhone picture doesn't do it justice. It's the lovliest lavender color, with a high/low front and back that's so in right now. I got five compliements on it this past week. So cute and comfy!

 Nothing is better than a cute cardigan, and I love dots! It's from Target and perfect for fall!!
Being obsessed with dots, I was also so excited to see this dottie shirt also from Target when I opened up presents! So cute!
Sorry for the super long post, but I'm so excited about all my new birthday stuff! I'm so loved and spoiled. But it definitely made a memorable 21st birthday!!

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