Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Haul!

First of all, I love haul videos on Youtube. They are probably my favorite thing ever. I just hate the word "haul." And I'm semi-nauseated that I titled this post with the word “haul” in it. But whatever. The point is I picked up some fun and exciting things and I want to share their amazingness!

There is my pile of stuff. I just love looking at it. First, I'll share the things I picked up at Target (which I had a birthday gift card to go crazy with, and I think I did).
So the main thing I was after on this little shopping trip was a cheetah/leopard (does anyone know the difference?) scarf. Mostly, because I’ve seen the cutest outfits lately on Pinterest, and I want to partake in the animal print cuteness. And before going to Target, I was trying to decide which color I wanted. I’ve eyed their colors before, and while I liked the more…snow leopard color, I decided I was going to go for it, with the normal, standard gold cheetah scarf. Well, my college town’s Target didn’t have it. And they say, when you can’t make up your mind, to flip a coin, and if you have a pulling sensation to the option that lost, you should go with that one. Well, I had a moment like that. So I knew when they didn’t have it, that I needed it. But I also wanted the white one. And this was the last one. So I bought it, and decided to drive (after the rest of my Target shopping and a little yummy lunch as a local Mexican restaurant), thirty minutes to another neighboring town’s Target. And thankfully, they had plenty. So yes, in case you are wondering, I did go to two Targets and another town just to purchase a scarf.

While there, I also saw that their leggings were on sale for just $5. I'm not sure if I'm a legging person, but I decided $5 was cheap enough that if I'm not, I won't feel guilty.

And of course, a trip to Target is not complete without buying random things you had no intention of buying, but once there, you NEEDED it. And these were those things. October's Glamour. Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream (why is the light/medium shade NEVER in stock? Ugh. I got medium, so hopefully it's not too dark). And $1 Halloween window clings.

Next up was Payless, which I never planned on going to. But, it was calling me, and I love cheap shoes, and well. There you go. And while I was there, I saw the cutest pair of riding boots ever. On sale. And so cute. They are about a half size (at least) too big, but I figure with socks, it won't be too bad. And honestly, they are exactly what I was looking for, at not a bad price ($49).

On the way back from my second Target I went to, I stopped by this huge outdoor shopping mall, and of course, Bath and Body Works was calling me. I was kind of thankful, because the workers at the one in my college town, definitely recognize me now, which is just embarassing. I was shocked when I got there, that they are starting to get in their Christmas (!!!!!) home fragrances!!! The packaging is adorable by the way, but I'm just not ready. I'm loving fall waaaaay to much right now.

The first thing I decided I needed was the Sweet On Paris body wash. I sprayed a little on my hand, and seriously, was in heaven the rest of the afternoon smelling it. Amazing. Apparently, it's composed of blackberry, lemon meringue, and creamy vanilla. SO GOOD!! How did I not know how good this smelled until now? And of course, because I'm a hoarder, I bought more wallflower bulbs (two Pumpkin Cupcakes, Cider Lane, and Creamy Pumpkin). I never want the fall scents to leave, but I think I'm in the final weeks of buying them sadly. That just means I need to hoard more!!

That was my Sunday haul. I've been having some super stressful days because of school and sorority stuff, so taking this day just for me, was so nice! 

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