Monday, October 15, 2012

When it Comes to Littles...

It’s one of the most exciting things when you first join a sorority. The thought of getting a big, an older sister in your sorority that will lavish you with gifts, mentor you through the first crazy year (and every year after that, even after she graduates) of being in a sorority, and hold your hand and guide you through initiation. It’s someone that hopefully will be in your wedding party, and a person you will be a bridesmaid for.

It’s meant to be a special bond, one that is sacred and the closest thing to having a real biological sister.

So you can imagine when that time rolls around every year, that sorority women go crazy with who should be their big, will anyone want them, and will they have a close relationship.

It can definitely be scary. I won’t lie. When I was asked to give my top people as my big, I definitely freaked out. I could name three tops. And those three, well, I had only known for a few weeks!! What if they were different than their recruitment/post-recruitment front? What if they didn’t want me back? It was frightening.

It’s bad enough that the new member period is so overwhelming and fast as it is. However, I’m going to offer some tips for all the future littles to keep in mind:

·         Remember when your Rho Chi told you during recruitment to pick the sorority that aligns most with who you want to be in four years? Your big is a lot like that. Try to pick someone that will be a positive and fun person, but also who will help make the most of your membership.

·         If you don’t get your #1 choice, it’s not the end of the world. If you don’t get anyone on your list, it’s still not the end of the world. The committee that picks the pairs picked you with that particular person for a reason, trust in them.

·         Make the most of the relationship! No one ever got closer by never spending time together. After getting your big, grow your relationship by going out to coffee, lunch, hanging out, or taking classes together.

·         After reveal, if your sorority doesn’t have a Big Appreciation day, make sure you do appreciate her some way. More than likely, she just spent HUNDREDS of dollars on your gifts. Spoil her!

·         Don’t be that girl, that’s upset with who her big is, so she tries to steal another sister’s big. Just don’t.

·         Enjoy every second. It’s an experience you’ll tell during recruitment, to your children, and to your grandchildren.

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