Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cute Ways to Spoil Your Little

Wondering where I went last week? Well, it was big/little week here at my sorority, so I was busy crafting like one of Santa’s elves. I lucked out and got twins (two girls that I LOVE), so that meant I was busy crafting for over a week straight. I love crafting though, so even though it was slightly stressful (and my perfectionism was definitely kicking in), it was a lot of fun and so worth it to spoil my littles some.

Making and picking out cute gifts for littles can be super difficult and so expensive. Every sorority at every college has different traditions and expectations of amounts and money that should be spent, but I thought I would offer some cute ideas that I love (and some I even used!).

Matching T-Shirts!

Here at my sorority, we devote a day to giving our littles cute shirts, ones that generally match their future big’s, and sometimes even their future grandbigs!. I made my twins matching ones, that were just in different colors and with their names on the back! I’m currently loving bows, so I made sure to design a bow on the front and back! Hurting on cash a bit? Make them shirts! Whip out the puff paint, fabric, or use one of the t=shirt design programs for your computer! The thought is what counts!


I decorated cheap $3 vases from Walmart with nifty Marta Stewart class paint (using sponge polka dot brushes of course!). I personalized them with their names and our sorority. I then gave them each a dozen roses. If that’s a tad too expensive, use other cute flowers like daisies or carnations, in your sorority’s colors!

Bulletin Boards

This was my favorite thing to make my twins! See, my own big made me a board that I absolutely love. It was my favorite gift I received from her, and I wanted to follow the same design. I just customized them to my littles’ preferences. It was so much fun and really inexpensive too!


Favorite Snacks/Candy/Food

This is such a simple, cute idea to spoil your little! If you sorority doesn’t give out information sheets on your new little, have a sister sneakily ask her what her favorite foods, candy, and restaurants are. In my gift bag and boxes I included all of their favorite candy. And another day I added little $5 Starbucks gift cards (in clean Starbucks cups I decorated with ladybugs and ribbon!).

Rainboots or Shoes

Many girls in my sorority decorated rainboots with polka dots and monograms for their littles. Whether it was Toms look-alikes or just tennis-shoes, these came out so adorable! Bonus points for matching ones!


Making a cute little box for your little to store her pin in is a sweet gift for either big/little week or initiation. My Ruby when I first joined my sorority made me a pin box, that was also large enough to hold my bid card and some other important items from my membership.

Slippers/Stuffed Animals

Having a soft, stuffed animal or some fuzzy slippers in your sorority mascot are always fun things to receive. Pillow Pets are always popular as gifts too.


Some sororities have traditions of making their littles fleece tie blankets, and they are very cute things to get and hold onto. Plus, they are very easy to make! There are wide varieties of fleece out there, and places always have sales on their fleece.

I hope this list of ideas make shopping and crafting for your littles easier and more fun! Enjoy each and every second of big/little week, and remember that the relationship with your sister is the most important part!

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