Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How About Some Goals?

People always say that you need goals to strive by, to work for. That they are what keep you motivated and all that jazz. And like a lot of people, I do have goals. Some are more strange than others, some are pretty decently normal. I do think it’s important though, for college students, and anyone to have goals. So here are some of mine:

·       To graduate from college. In a Lilly Pulitzer Dress.
·       To own a house. And no matter what size, style, or ghetto neighborhood (let's be honest, I plan on being a teacher. It's going to be pretty ghetto) it resides in, to make it cute and pretty.
·       To some day, hold jobs at: Starbucks, at a store that sells Vera Bradley things, or better yet an actual Vera Bradley store, Victoria’s Secret, and Bath and Body Works. Oh and Pottery Barn. Some people want to be doctors or lawyers. I just want to work at my favorite places to shop haha.
·       To earn a master’s degree. God knows what in. If you ask me right this second, probably Special Education. But it changes hourly.

·       To Travel to Italy. Or better yet, elope to Italy. Or maybe just to have a vacation, since I’ve never been on one.
·       To pass Math 283. And Biology. And Chemistry and Physics, and Science 465. This is what stops me from graudating in my Lilly Pulitzer dress. Besides money to buy said dress of course.

·       To get married before I’m 25. (why do I feel just by writing that down, it somehow jinxes it?)

·       To have a passing ceremony with my sorority for me. Problem: I don’t have a passing candle. So, I’ll have to make myself one. (or enlist one of my sisters)

So yeah. There’s my goals. Probably they’re pretty different than a lot of people, but they are things I’ve striving for. I’ve always been one of those people that focus and dream so much on the future, that I don’t enjoy right now. So that’s something I’ve been trying to work on.

What are some things you aspire for? Are they weird or normal? Ambitious or pretty attainable?

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