Monday, July 2, 2012


So last night I was looking at another site that often gives me ample amounts of design inspiration Decor 2 Ur Door. (since I got my iPhone a year ago, text wording is weirder than ever, I don't think I've typed "ur" in years) Anyway this site has some awesome design ideas for a more traditional dorm room and while I don't find myself wanting to purchase anything, they literally have given me so much inspiration in the past.

Here's a tour of their site and some of their awesome rooms!

 This. Is. So. Perfect. I love this red damask look. From the black, white, and red theme (my favorite!), to the dottie and chevron pillows, this look is just so pulled together and I absolutely love the layering! Who doesn't want this to be their bed in their dorm room? Plus, Decor  2 Ur Door has a great idea for making headboards for otherwise plain old dorm beds. How cute?

Here's another look I'm in love with. I love this black and white zebra look. Unlike a lot of dorm rooms that feature zebra, this is done in a super classy kind of way that I love. Plus, I'm totally loving the monogram wall decal frames above the bed. So cute.

 Look at this black and white damask room! Once again, beautiful. And I love the frames and mirror (maybe it is, maybe not haha) above the bed.

Look at the gray textiles? Definitely not something you'd think you would find in a dorm room, right?

Definitely not your average dorm room, right? Hopefully this will inspire you for in your decorating whether for a dorm or not. I know it has inspired me greatly!

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