Monday, July 30, 2012

July Favorites

Hey everyone! I thought I'd share some of the things that I've been loving in the month of July!

1.) Philosophy Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath in -- Sugary Cinnamon Icing
This is actually pretty random, seeing as how I got this 3-1 guy two years ago during Christmas time in one of those cute sets that Philosophy always has. But during the summer my skin goes crazy. I don't know what it is. It's like I'm allergic to the sun. I get these red little bumps after any heat, sun exposure, or sweating that hurt, burn, itch, and even bleed. I've tried everything it seems, ointment, sunscreen, super thick, non-scented body washes and thick lotions. But nothing honestly works besides time. It eventually goes away on its own, usually only to show up on a different part of my body (shins, thighs, back of my legs, neck, under my bust, forearms, lower back, and armpits are all the usual places). A few weeks ago I was taking a shower and noticed the little Philosphy bottle. Probably because I've been craving cinnamon rolls like CRAZY lately, I decided use this. After my shower, I noticed my skin softer than ever. And guess what? My red little rashes went away! And have been gone ever since I started using this.

To be honest, I love Philosophy's shower gels, but usually, they are just too sweet for me (I'm a floral, Bath and Body Works sorta girl). But this has converted me. The other day I tried using a Victoria's Secret shower gel, and it just didn't even come close to comparing. So since I'm about to run out, I definitely have my eye on the Caramel Apple scent or the I Love Candy Corn kind. Fall scents are definitely my favorite!

2.) MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush

So earlier this month I decided to take the plunge and buy my first MAC face brush. It cost $34, but because I had heard nothing but rave reviews of it on Youtube, I figured I had to try it (especially since I could definitely already notice the quality of my MAC 239 and 217). I bought it with the intent to use it for my blush, and so far it's been working great! Especially compared to my ELF brush that I had been using previously (although I must say that brush is a keeper too, especially if you are on a budget). I love the natural fibers, the effortless application, as well as the overall versatility of this brush. As far as quality, it's probably a 4 stars out of 5 stars. I've had it shed about maybe 6 or 7 hairs (not too bad) and it washes pretty well. The hair is soft. I think it makes my blush look really good as well.

3.) Target's Mossimo Boyfriend V-Neck Shirts with Pocket

I cannot say how much I love these shirts. First, only $8!! I have five of them (in black, gray, coral, light blue, and green) and have hopes of getting more. They are the perfect summer t-shirt, especially when it's hot and miserable, but you still want to look cute. Plus, I think they will be perfect for the fall and winter for layer under cute little cardis. Seriously, if you haven't checked these out yet, you need to. They are my go-to fashion staples this summer.

4.) Nike Running Shorts (aka Norts)

So at first on Pinterest and TSM I didn't understand what the heck Norts were. And then when I finally found out that they are Nike shorts, I couldn't figure out the obsession sorority girls have with them. See, at my school here in Colorado, they aren't exactly a "thing." But with temperatures staying above 90 degrees for 13 days straight (not sure if that was record or not), there was nothing I wanted to were BUT my Norts. First, they have dots. And I LOVE dots. Second, they are cute. Third, they are so light and comfy and cool. Sometimes, I forget I'm wearing them and not my PJs (which ironically are shorts with polar bears on them, and I'm wearing them in July). If you are hesitant, just get them. If you aren't a fan (how could you not be, though?!), then you at least have cute work out attire. (Btw: mine came from Finish Line)

5.) OPI's Cajun Shrimp

Thanks to Kate from The Small Things Blog, I was introduced to my favorite summer nail polish (so far at least), earlier this month. I don't know why, but I think red looks super odd on my finger nails. I love red as a color, in fact it's tied for that honor (with yellow), but I think it just makes my fingers look like vampire fingers or something. But this red-orange-coral is perfect. It is so flattering on my baby hands and feet. I love it.
{Obviously it's the one on the right. But the other is Essie E Nuf is E Nuf...pretty much it's twin}

6.) Redken's Real Control Slim Supreme

Yet another favorite I found thanks to Kate! I'm pretty sure that I didn't even buy this in July, probably May, but I just have to talk about this hair product! I have poofy, kinda frizzy, thick, crazy hair. Seriously, my hair is just ridiculous. I feel like I have tried every product under the sun to make my hair manageable. And all have barely helped me. I liked my Morroccan Oil, but for some reason I just stopped using it. But this is one product I have used EVERY time I blow dry my hair. That's saying a lot for me. It makes it smooth, soft, shiny, frizz-free, and straight. I love it. I cannot say how much it has helped my hair during these summer months.

7.) MAC Gently Off Eye & Lip Remover
Okay, so like mascara, I'm constantly on the search for the perfect makeup remover. I feel like I've tried everything at the drugstore. And nothing works. You'd like I'd just stop using waterproof mascara, but I'm not giving up. So when I saw that MAC had this remover, and that it had pretty good reviews, I had to try it, despite the $19 price tag. And so far, I'm in love. See, it gets off at least 70% of my mascara, while other waterproof makeup removers only take off like 40%. It doesn't burn at all. It's oily, but not bad in the least (trust me, one from Covergirl reminds me of whale blubber, or at least that's what I think whale blubber would be like). It's a little steep, in my opinion. So I'm not sure if I'll repurchase when I run out, but the good thing is that it's part of the Back to MAC recycling program.

8.) Revlon Brow Fantasy

A little while back, I talked about picking my Revlon Brow Fantasy at Walgreens. And just as I hoped, I love this. It's so handy because one side is a pencil and the other side is tinted gel. Definitely a must for my crazy brows (that need waxing but I'm too cheap and I don't know of any good places in my hometown).
So there you have it! Those were my favorites for July! What things did you enjoy during July?

Thanks for reading!

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