Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dorm Room Storage

Hey everyone! Can you believe how fast the summer is flying? I think I have 55 days or something until school! It seems like yesterday I just started summer (ok, that was actually April 30th, so I've had a nice LONG summer so far).

Today is a quickie post about dorm room storage. I'll definitely do a more in-depth one later, since it's such an important thing to keep your dorm room and college life from being completely chaotic.

First, you can never have too many bins, baskets, and such to keep your accessories, school supplies, DVDs, and whatnot stored away and out of sight.

For instance, my room last year during first semester I invested in some of these fabric bins from Walmart. It camt in a set of four (now I have no clue what the price of them were but I think it was around $25). They were so great for storage! I kept all my lotions and body sprays in one, DVDS in the middle one, journals and books for leisure reading in the far right, and the top one was magazines.

The desk had it's own storage container too. I don't know it's just because I'm an elementary education major, but I have a ton of textbooks. I believe I had something like 7 books just for my math class. So I needed a place to put them that I could quickly find them when I was heading to class (always in a rush). Using this crate was so handy! Plus it gave me a great place to display my sorority pin box and my earring holder!

Underneath my bed (I never took a picture of it) I had three large gallon rubber containers. Like this below! (Target btw)

These are absolute life savers. They are fantastic for move-in day. During the school year they can hold anything. Mine held things that were out of season (like clothes) textbooks, and generally things I wasn't using on an everyday basis. They make moving out and storing over the summer a breeze too!

One thing I know I want to get for this upcoming school year is Vera Bradley's magazine holders.
Adorable, right? Chances of me having a desk in my sorority house is actually extremely low, and if I do, the desks are more like tables (they don't have drawers or anything). So I got to thinking about where in the world am I going to put my notebooks and folders for my classes. And then I decided these are absolutely perfect! One holder can store my notebooks, the other my folders, and because they are Vera, they are absolutely adorable as an accent anyway.

Another great item from Vera Bradley that's great for storage and just plain anything involving the shower, is this shower tote. Last year I lived in a mostly freshmen dorm (I was the only sophomore on my floor besides the RA), so a community shower was the living situation. But I didn't mind because of this cute little guy.

Mine is actually in my favorite all-time print (Happy Snails!!), but they have all new ones this year that match the rest of their dorm collection. This one is in Va Va Bloom. You don't have to live with a community shower for these to be helpful either. When you share a bathroom with more than one person, it comes in handy to have all your stuff together, so it doesn't annoy your roomies. Plus, it would look adorable on a countertop holding towels or washcloths. In my book they are a must!

So this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dorm room storage. I'll definitely talk about more specific storage issues like makeup, closets and clothes, snacks, and more!

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