Sunday, July 29, 2012

What's in My PB Teen Boxes??

Hey everyone! Remember seeing these from my post on Friday?

I thought I would share the few things that I ordered from Pottery Barn Teen for my dorm room! I have less than a month (!!) until I move in, and I can't believe it. As you've probably already guessed, I loved PB Teen, especially when it comes to dorm decor. They are timeless, classy, fun, and have items that I consider to be extremely high quality.

These items may be pretty familiar, as I have talked about them quite a bit.

The first box that came brought this little cute guy:

While he may look slightly brown in the picture, he's actually black, and he has ASPIRE written across him. Which, is absolutely PERFECT for my Alpha Sigma Alpha themed room in my sorority house. Why, you may ask? Well, because our motto is "Aspire, Seek, Attain." So it's quite the catch (and luck) to find a pillow that reads aspire (they also had words like SMILE, LAUGH, LOVE) in a color that goes perfectly with my room theme.

Since aspire isn't exactly the most popular option among their pillow, it was on sale. And I consider it to have been on a major sale, since it was only $13.99. With free shipping. If you are at all familiar with PB Teen, a cross-stitched pillow for less than $20 is unheard of. Plus free shipping, which is both extremely rare and a god send, since they're shipping can be absolutely ridiculous! Originally, the pillow was $35, which I feel is extremely over-priced. Not because it isn't made well or not perfect. It's actually because is more of lumbar pillow (measures 7x15). But everything, size, shape, word, color, and most definitely price, were perfect for me. I love it. (If you wanna check it out, or it's lovely sisters that are all the original $35 price, go here!)

Here's what the next box that came carried:

Look familiar? Well, they should because I blogged about them (and have been drooling about them ever since) a little while back.

On the right is the zebra sheets that I have been dying to get for months, and on the right is my new greatest love, the dottie bin. I actually bought two dottie bins, even though one is just pictured.

Here is a closer look at the Funky Zebra Organic Sheet set. They are actually a brand new item to PB Teen, as they used to have a zebra sheet set that was a smaller print. They are usually $59 for the Twin/Twin XL size, but I bought them for $49. I'm honestly been lusting for some PB Teen sheets, especially the organic kind, for a long time. This past school year I actually used the zebra sheets from Target. While they were soft and comfy, I disliked how much they faded and grew fuzzy (hopefully you know what I'm talking about. The nubby feeling fabric gets?) after only a wash or two.

Another thing I particularly liked about these sheets, is that it is a good, classy zebra print. I know that may sound strange, but not all zebra prints are created equally.

I also splurged with those cute dottie bins:

I couldn't resist. I love PB Teen and I love dots. And I love bins. Put all those three things together, and it was a match made in heaven. I bought two for medium sized bins for $45 (on sale from $50, plus free shipping!!). I was very worried that they would discontinue them, not that I have word they will, but I always have that fear.

And with a looming deadline of free shipping on both the bins and the sheets, I felt like I needed to buy them before they could sell out. Or I'd have to pay shipping (have I mentioned how ridiculous their shipping costs are?!). These are bigger than I thought (even though I knew the measurements before buying). They are definitely going to come in handy in my tiny little room this fall. I'm planning on one holding all my DVDS and the other all my lotions, body sprays, perfumes, and makeup brush cleaner.

Here's an example showing that they are quite large. It's currently holding my MAC brush cleanser and my Vera Bradley small notebook.

 I love them so much.

So that's the goodies that I recieved this past week. Like I said, I love all of PB Teen's products, and when they are on sale, like all three of these items, it's really hard to resist.

What dorm room decor items are you lusting over? Anything you've ordered lately?

Thanks for reading!

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