Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five For Friday

So I decided to start writing the top five things of the week, something that was start by Lauren (From My Grey Desk).

1.) Getting to see my boyfriend on Wednesday! I'm not doing so well in settling into a long distance relationship thing (although we're only about 70 miles apart). So gettting to see him was pretty much the highlight of the week. We ate at McDonald's (fancy, I know haha) and went swimming. So much fun! I miss him so much!

2.) My new nail polish. I love Pinterest and this color has been all over the place this summer. When I saw it at Ulta yesterday, I knew it had to be mine!

{China Glaze--Flip Flop Fantasy}
3.) It's all about the little things and simple pleasures, and let's just say I love doing laundry. I know, weird. But I loved it even more this week because of Tide's Pods. So fun to use, smell amazing, and leave my clothes so clean. Just make sure that you leave them up high, since they are definitely not candy! I love the Spring Meadow scent!


4.) My dorm stuff came from PB Teen! Don't worry, I'll have a post on it later, so you can see all the goodies I got. But when I saw the boxes had come, I was seriously beside myself!

5.) The other highlight of the week definitely was all the other things that came in the mail for me! First, for some odd reason, Victoria's Secret has my dad's birthdate on record, so he always get's the $10 off  a purchase. Well, understandably, he has no use for anything there, so I get it! I also got Target's Back to Campus book this week (like the Sears Wishbook for Christmas when I was little!). Seriously, the ads from Target are the highlight of the year for me!

So hope you all have a great Friday! What highlights did you all have this week?

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